A new reinforcement for the Ukrainian Navy: New ship launched

A new medium reconnaissance ship is being launched in Kyiv at PSC «Plant «Kuznya on Rybalsky» today, reports the Ukrainian Military Portal.



The ship is based on project 502EM hull design with specifications as follows:

Length: 54.8 m
Beam: 9.8 m
Displacement: 1,220 tons
Speed: 11.6 knots
Range: 7,200 miles
Endurance: 28 days
Complement: 29 officers and men

Specifications and equipment of the new vessel were not so far announced.

Ukrainian Navy’s medium reconnaissance ship before launch. April 23, 2019 Photo by the MoD of Ukraine

As we previously informed, the Deputy Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine announced the future construction of a new ship for the Ukrainian Navy during his interview for one of the Odessa TV channels in March 2017. «Kuznya on Rybalsky» was specified as a head manufacturer.

Medium reconnaissance ships are intended for the following roles:

• radio traffic interception;
• retransmission of secure channels;
• telemetry intelligence;
• electronic intelligence – signal identification and analysis;
• electromagnetic signal identification and procession, physical fields measurement;
• development of acoustic and electromagnetic silhouettes of enemy ships and submarines;
• sea traffic monitoring;
• tracking enemy shipping;
• enemy artillery and missile exercise observation.

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