Yuri Biryukov, the adviser of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine has posted some
pictures of facility construction at the 235 th Combined Arms Force Training

Today SIPs are being mounted on some of the buildings:

SIPs are being mounted on building frame

We can estimate the progress in indoor works in future barracks. Sewerage
system is already being assembled in some of the buildings:

Preparation for sewer pipes assembly. Picture by Yuri Biryukov. October 28.

Pouring concrete floor:

Assembled sewer pipes and first concrete layer

Windows installing:

Future barrack with windows already installed


Constructed barracks are focused on the needs of the personnel undergoing
training and thus all premises are fitted with:

    • Showers
    • Laundry
    • Tumble dryers
    • Dormitories for personnel

    The new camp will consist of:

    • HQ
    • dining facility
    • medical center
    • gym
    • barracks for personnel


    The construction will be finished this year.


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