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On June 15–18, 2021, the only event in Ukraine in the field of aviation and space technologies – Aviasvit-XXI International Aviation and Space Salon – took place at the International Exhibition Centre.

It is the fourth time when the Salon was held in a joint format with Arms and Security International Exhibition. This time, the presentation of the accomplishments of Ukrainian aerospace and defense industry was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence.

The exhibitions were attended by a number of honorable guests, including:

Foreign delegations from 24 countries, which arrived at the invitation of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and Ukrspecexport SC, took part in the opening ceremony and attended the exhibition. The delegations represented the following countries: Spain, Poland, Moldova, Lithuania, Czech Republic, France, Croatia, Turkey, Qatar, Sudan, UAE, Egypt, Pakistan, USA, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Greece, Romania, Vietnam, Nigeria.


Key figures:

Area – about 30,000 sqm:

27,000 sqm inside the halls
3,000 sqm outside

Number of exhibitors – 348

Number of unique visitors – 21,681

The exhibitions were covered by 167 accredited media resources. Reports from the exhibition were shown and published by most Ukrainian TV channels and industry‑specific media:

1+1 media, Channel 5, BBC News Ukraine, ICTV, UA:FIRST, UBR, TRK Ukraine, Ukraine24, Espresso TV, Kyiv LIVE, First Business, TV Kyiv, LIGA.net, Ukrinform, UNIAN, Novoe Vremya, Obozrevatel, Gazeta.ua, Liga Inform, Business Capital, Censor.net, Kyiv Post.

Foreign media that covered the exhibitions: Agence France‑Presse (AFP), SITTA Ministere Des Armees (France), Anadolu Agency (Turkey), Defense 24 (Poland), AP (Associated Press), Breaking Defense (USA), European Pressphoto Agency (EPA), Reuters, Xinhua (China). 

Among 143 exhibitors of Aviasvit-XXI International Aviation and Space Salon there were manufacturers and distributors from Ukraine and abroad (Brazil, Poland, Austria, USA, France, Czech Republic, Turkey, Pakistan, Lithuania, Italy).

Besides the booths, a number of aircraft of various types and purposes was demonstrated at the exhibition grounds.

In general, the exposition of Aviasvit-XXI International Aviation and Space Salon was characterized by: a large number of premieres, debuts of the world aviation and defense industry powerhouses, shaping of new trends that reflect tendencies in Ukrainian and world markets. More details further:


The world-famous aircraft construction conglomerate Embraer (Brazil) became a Strategic Partner of the Salon.

Стенд Embraer на виставці у Києві

The participation of the American company Lockheed Martin, which for many years has been ranked first in the world’s top 100 ranking of defense industry companies, is significant for Ukraine and is a sign of a high status of the exhibition.

Lockheed Martin у Києві на «Зброя та безпека - 2021»

The main purpose of its participation was to promote the latest modification of the F‑16 Fighting Falcon to the Ukrainian market. The upgrade mainly affected electronics of the fighter: it received a new onboard APG‑83 (SABR) radar that could detect and identify targets in the air and on the ground at long distances, as well as onboard EW with jamming systems, helmet‑mounted target designation system, Link 16 TDL and much more.

Ministry of Economic Development, Labor and Technology of the Republic of Poland presented the National Pavilion of aviation industry companies. Over 10 Polish companies and delegates of the economic mission showed their export potential. Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and the Polish Business Center took part in the press briefing where potential partners from Ukraine held business meetings with representatives of Polish companies which are interested in establishing long-term cooperation.

Private US aerospace company Firefly Aerospace, which was founded by Ukrainian Max Polyakov and develops ultralight launch vehicles to launch small satellites and commercial cargo into Earth orbit, debuted in the Salon.

Firefly Aerospace has contracts with NASA for the delivery of cargo to the Moon under CLPS program of the Artemis project.

Dassault Systèmes S.A. (France) and Softprom (Austria) presented a single virtual platform 3DEXPERIENCE for the development, production, testing, certification and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft. Dassault Systèmes is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of CAD and PLM software.

The well-known Czech company 3DEES, together with 3DEES Industries representative office in Ukraine, showcased professional metrological equipment and additive manufacturing systems of such manufacturers as Hewlett Packard, Zeiss and GOM. These systems are used in aircraft construction and production of spacecraft parts.


Space industry of Ukraine in the exposition of the Salon was represented by both state-owned and private companies.

State-owned companies

were represented by the following enterprises of the State Space Agency of Ukraine:

Arsenal SDP SE demonstrated products in several domains:

– space: both star trackers and remote sensing systems – those that have already been on board and will be on board of SICH-2-30.

– military: laser gyroscopes of all types, infrared homing heads for both aircraft and air defense missiles – in particular, used in portable anti-aircraft missile systems.

Yuzhnoye State Design Office showcased:

– lunar hopper model;

– Antares and Cyclone-4M models;

– dimensional and dynamic model of Microsat-Ionosat spacecraft.

Besides, visitors of the exhibition were especially attracted by a virtual walk through the lunar industrial research base of Yuzhnoye State Design Office.

Yuzhmash demonstrated the following products: liquid rocket engine RD-843 Vega, combustion chamber of the liquid rocket engine RD-8 of the second stage of the launch vehicle Zenit-2 after firing tests, model of chassis units of An-140/148 aircraft, models of bellows and spherical tank.

Private companies

Thanks to the adoption in 2019 by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of a bill that allows private companies to conduct space activities and launch rockets into space, the share of private space companies taking part in the exhibition has increased significantly.

This year, the following companies showcased their products in the space industry:

Noosphere Association, which united at its booth such companies as: EOSSAR Project, Space Electric Thruster Systems, Flight Control.

Of particular note is the participation of the Fireway team, winners of the NASA Space App Challenge hackathon in the category “Best Use of Technology”, who responded to the invitation of the organizers to demonstrate their developments to the general public.

TVIS, which works in the field of geoinformatics and remote sensing of the Earth, is a partner in Ukraine of such well-known brands as: Airbus, Maxar, Planet, Capella Space, Schneider Digital.

In addition, the following well-known companies exhibited with separate booths: Zavod Rapid Sensor Enterprise, Kyiv Central Design Bureau of Valves, Hartron-Arkos, and others.

Aviation industry of Ukraine was traditionally represented by booths of industry leaders and numerous booths of public and private enterprises.

At their joint booth, Motor Sich and Ivchenko Progress showed modern aircraft engines AI-322F, D-436-148FM, TV3-117VMA-SBM1V series 4E, MS-500V-02C, propeller MTV-27, MS- 450. It is worth reminding that Akinci UAV, developed by Bayraktar and equipped with an engine manufactured by Ivchenko Progress, recently set a new record in Turkey, reaching the highest height ever achieved by a Turkish UAV.

FED Company showcased a prototype ion-plasma engine, developed by the company together with the National Aerospace University. Engine development process lasted about two years. The project was delivered in cooperation with the European Space Agency. Currently, new types are being developed. Ukrainian ion-plasma engine can be installed on any spacecraft. The engine can be used: to control satellites in the Earth orbit, flights to the Moon, Mars and other planets or asteroids, space exploration.

A large number of state-owned aircraft companies were represented at the joint exposition of Ukroboronprom. The latest developments in the field of aircraft construction, aviation and helicopter armament, and air defense were demonstrated by 18 companies, including the world-famous Antonov Company, Plant 410 Civil Aviation, Artem JSC, Luch.

State Enterprise Kharkiv Machinery Plant FED demonstrated a number of aviation industry units developed and modified by the company.

The aircraft repair enterprises LRZ Motor, LDARZ and Aviakon jointly presented a rather packed exposition.


Manned aircraft:

Ramzay, which integrated the team of REC Horizon with its project of a light multi-purpose helicopter, presented a modified version of SL-231 Scout. This is a three-seater helicopter, with its cabin made of composite and equipped with avionics of the Slovenian company Knardia (in one of the versions).

In addition, Scout can be equipped with aircraft onboard systems from Dynon SkyView, Advanced Flight Systems, MGL. The helicopter is equipped with a 210 hp aircraft engine IO-390 manufactured by the American company Lycoming. The weight of the empty helicopter is 450 kg. Maximum payload – up to 400 kg. Flight range – up to 600 km. Cruising speed – about 190 km/h.

ANG PATRIOT-UKRAINE showcased a single-engine five-seater ANG 01 aircraft.

This aircraft has unique characteristics: maximum cruising speed is 360 km/h (which is one of the best in the world), maximum range – up to 3220 km, with an empty  weight of 380-400 kg (maximum configuration), maximum takeoff weight is 950 kg. Thus, the payload is 550-570 kg and is 137% -150% of its own weight.

“There is no other such example in the world and it is commonly believed that if the payload is equal to the weight of the aircraft, then it is a perfect aircraft,” – said the developers.

The range of applications of the new aircraft is very wide: it can be used by government agencies such as the State Emergency Service, State Border Service, Police and other agencies to perform search tasks, surveillance, patrolling, training flights, geological surveys, forest surveillance, agricultural works, etc. It can also be used by individuals for short trips through tourist routes and as an air taxi.

Simpler mobile means of air transport were also presented at the exhibition.

“Sky Motorcycle” — gyrocopter Sapphire was displayed by Gyroprakt (part of the National Association of Ukrainian Defense Industries), namely its Sapphire-3 modification – a three-seater version of the aircraft, designed for landing, transportation of sniper teams and equipped with a cradle for medical purposes.

“During combat, the pilot sits in a bulletproof vest, with bulletproof plates lined for protection from below. But the gyrocopter is interesting due to its capability to fly very low above the ground, so it is very difficult to neutralize it. It is quite difficult to hit it without a special anti-aircraft armament; for example, it is impossible to hit it from an assault rifle,” a company representative explained.

The following aircraft arrived on their own, landing on the territory of the International Exhibition Centre for further display at the open exhibition grounds.

Ukrainian Helicopters demonstrated a modernized Mi-8MTV-1 helicopter, which is used for search and rescue operations and air medical evacuation, and was used in UN peacekeeping missions in the Republic of Mali, Somalia and the Republic of Djibouti.

This helicopter operates 24/7 and is ready to provide assistance to victims within 30 minutes after receiving the task. The helicopter can operate autonomously, without assistance of ground services, determining the location of the victims, ensuring search and rescue of people.

It takes aircrew only 40 minutes to convert the helicopter into one of the following configurations:

  • reconnaissance/rapid response;
  • search-and-rescue (SAR);
  • aeromedical evacuation;
  • passenger;
  • cargo.

Motor Sich Airlines exhibited an upgraded Mi-2MSB-1 helicopter (which differs from other light class helicopters by a spacious cargo-passenger “glass cabin”, a dual control system and a twin-engine power plant). In the new cockpit panel, the electronic indicators were replaced with analog ones, and the helicopter was equipped with new avionics.

Unmanned aircraft:

But the real trend of the exhibition in 2021 was a large number of companies that presented unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of various types and purposes.

Fly Technology, exclusive distributor and importer of a world leader in unmanned aerial vehicle technology Autel Robotics, showcased high-tech solutions from the US company for public safety, rescue or reconnaissance operations for use by security and intelligence agencies, armed forces, law enforcement and border guard units.

QUADRO.ua, the first official DJI partner in Ukraine, premiered DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced quadcopter in Ukraine. This new model is equipped with high-resolution thermal and visual cameras. The quadcopter can be applied effectively in the following areas: search and rescue operations, firefighting, law enforcement operations, industrial inspections, environmental protection.

Athlon Avia demonstrated modern unmanned military aircraft – UAS A1-CM Furia and ST-35 Silent Thunder.

UAS A1-CM Furia conducts aerial reconnaissance and artillery fire adjustment, and is widely used during the Joint Forces Operation in Eastern Ukraine.

ST-35 Silent Thunder is a loitering munition unmanned aerial system, a means of high-precision target hitting. The peculiarity of its application is the capability of hitting targets in a densely built urban area and the use of a wide range of warhead types.

FED Company presented a prototype of a multifunctional unmanned aerial vehicle Mechatronics City Jet. This UAV will have a wide range of functionality – from detecting emergency areas on the communications facilities to determining the degree of traffic congestion. Such systems are developed abroad and are widely used in “smart cities”, where an automatic remote monitoring system for housing and communal services is rolled out. In addition, there is a version of the aerotaxi drone with vertical takeoff and landing. So far, the drone model has been successfully tested in a wind tunnel.

Ramzay had a loud premiere of RZ-500, the first UAV attack helicopter in Ukraine. According to the developers, this UAV helicopter will be able to carry and use missile weapons, its weight is 500 kg, and the additional payload is up 100 kg. In addition, the helicopter has a high degree of protection against hostile EW. RZ-500 can be in the air for up to three hours, its maximum range is 300 km, and the tactical radius is 60-80 km without the use of a repeater.

Макет безпілотного літального апарату гелікоптерного типу від ПрАТ «Рамзай»

“Our helicopter can be transported to a selected point within a few hours, even in the mountains. In addition, RZ-500 can fly at very low altitudes, 50-100 m, and be invisible to enemy radars. It can also strike while hiding behind a house or a forest strip. It can be completely invisible to the enemy, because the missile has a range of up to 7.5 km, which means that no one will hear, see or know where the munition came from,” said Deputy Director for Development of Ramzay.

UKRJET showcased several “aircraft-type” drones: UJ-22 Airborne strike modification, UJ-23 Topaz jet modification and UJ-31 loitering munition.

At the neighboring stand, the unusual design of UkrRadioProm’s Perspektiva UAV attracted attention. According to the developers, their product has improved flight characteristics and relatively low radar visibility.

Another regular exhibitor, Skyeton, demonstrated an advanced Raybird-3 UAV, which consists of a small tactical UAV having a maximum takeoff weight of 23 kg; ground control station; antenna system and catapult. Raybird-3 is designed for the civilian and defense applications for a wide range of tasks, from control of state territories and counter-terrorism to aerial photography, forest fire prevention, and surveying large areas and filming objects.

This UAV is able to take off not only from a stationary catapult, but also from vehicles while they are moving.

A newcomer of the Salon, SKY ZET from Brovary has developed a single-engine multifunctional BRAVO UAV equipped with a reciprocating internal combustion engine. It is a semicantilever high-wing plane with two beams, two-keel plumage and a pusher propeller. The UAV is designed to perform visual flights using remote control with video transmission to the ground control station in real time in daylight, in simple weather conditions. The main purpose is to perform aerochemical work.

Ukrainian company ABRIS Design Group presented a range of unmanned aviation systems: Flirt Cetus is designed for high precision aerial mapping of vast areas; Flirt Arrow is used for aerial mapping, intelligence and video surveillance; and Flirt Iron is a strike drone and target aircraft.

Moreover, a lot of new UAV products were showcased at joint booths:

Ukroboronprom booth

Meridian n. S.P. Korolyov demonstrated two main drone products: a fundamentally new product – Berehynia helicopter type UAS and the already proven Spectator M1 UAS with significantly improved characteristics.

As part of the exposition of special exporters at the booth of Ukroboronprom, updated Windhower UAS manufactured by Spaitech was on display. Windhower now has an improved payload, a new thermal imaging camera which functions in various thermal modes, updated software, which significantly expands the functionality and control of the aircraft and increases its survivability in combat missions.

In addition to ammunition for artillery and aircraft, Artem Company is working on Myslyvets drone. This loitering munition will be able to hit targets on land, water and in the air.

But the real highlight of this year’s exhibition was the exposition of Luch Design Bureau, namely its presentation of the model of the first Ukrainian strike drone – Sokil-300. Representatives of Luch informed that the unmanned aerial vehicle is able to perform both striking and reconnaissance functions. Therefore, the configuration of the UAV will depend on its purpose. The head of the Design Bureau, Oleh Korostelov, noted that the UAV will have several advantages over the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 UAV and will be a worthy alternative. The main advantage of Sokil‑300 will be its ability to operate in poor weather conditions.

NAUDI booth:

DEVIRO showcased a new Ciconia UAV – an autonomous remote-controlled UAV for performing various tasks of air reconnaissance, patrolling, mapping with the ability to transmit relevant information in real time. The system implements the concept of automated control throughout the flight, which greatly facilitates the work of the operator and allows to focus on the analysis of information coming from the UAV.

Ukrainian manufacturer of UAVs and ground equipment for unmanned aerial vehicles, Ukrspecsystems, presented PD-2 UAV. After analyzing the experience gained in the East of Ukraine and the feedback from users and partners, the company created a high-tech and versatile product that can operate in severe weather conditions in any part of the world. Thanks to vertical takeoff and landing technology, the ability to integrate various mission equipment and a number of advanced features, PD-2 is the perfect solution for aerial reconnaissance tasks.

Educational institutions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine:

National Aviation University traditionally took part in the Salon, presenting a number of unmanned aerial vehicles developed and manufactured by NAU:

  • PS-11 Krokus UAV for flights in the stratosphere;
  • M-106 Ovod Mobile UAS;
  • M-56 Module Mobile UAS.

Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, among other exhibits, presented a drone for the military and agronomic applications, and a quadcopter for civilian use.

National Aerospace University shared its experience in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The exhibition “show stopper”, multi‑purpose stealth UAV by AIR COMBAT EVOLUTION, is the last highlight in this list manufactured in Ukraine.

This ambitious project was developed by the best Ukrainian aerospace industry experts led by former CEO of Antonov Company Oleksandr Los and former Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine Volodymyr Usov. The UAV was developed in partnership with Ivchenko‑Progres, Motor Sich and Hydrobest. Thanks to the latest stealth technology and its flat wing shape, the UAV is virtually invisible to radars and difficult to detect. The ACE ONE speed is close to supersonic, 1,000 km/h. It is controlled by an artificial intelligence system that can control a swarm of such UAVs. This Ukrainian UAV will not only perform reconnaissance operations but will also be able to use high‑precision guided weapons located in two large internal compartments against ground and air targets.

 Ground-based equipment:

Radionix, which exhibited at the NAUDI booth, displayed a unique ground stand for training to counter MiG-29 fighters – Sapphire-S. At the same time, this same stand can be used as a simulator for the actual pilots of the front-line fighters.


– The final of the fifth Vernadsky Challenge for engineering start‑ups in space technology and active bioelectronics.

A total of 132 start‑ups (89 foreign and 43 Ukrainian) took part in the competition. 10 participants from 6 countries (Ukraine, USA, Canada, Spain, Slovakia and Sweden) reached the final.

The third place in the Vernadsky Challenge and a UAH 400,000 grant went to BOROSPACE from Slovakia. The project designers developed an innovative lithium‑ion battery design allowing the battery to store electricity and serve as a hybrid rocket fuel after the mission is accomplished.

The second place and a UAH 600,000 grant went to the Provizio project from Ukraine. The project team developed a device for measuring intraocular pressure to help postpone vision loss. Provizio software notifies a doctor in real time of any changes in the pressure and informs him/her of possible treatment options.

The first place in the Vernadsky Challenge 2021 and a UAH 1,000,000 grant went to the Medicsen project from Spain. The Medicsen team created a smart patch, which opens micro‑pores in human skin to allow the non‑invasive administration of large molecule drugs, such as insulin.

– Conference of the Aviation Industry of Ukraine-2021

The organizers: Ukraviaprom Association of Aviation Industry Enterprises, Association of the Aviation Industry Employers of Ukraine, Trade Union of Aircraft and Mechanical Engineering Workers of Ukraine.

The participants of the conference adopted a resolution which outlines the need to address the issues of aviation industry.

– Signing of the contract by Ukrspecexport SC, part of Ukroboronprom SC, for the modernization and repair of the Pakistani Air Force aircraft.

During the second day of the exhibition, a contract was signed with Pakistani partners to repair Il‑78 refueling aircraft that can be used as a military transport aircraft and is designed for aerial refueling of military aircraft.

“This is the second contract over the last year to repair the Il‑78 for the Pakistani Air Force. In June 2020, Ukrspecexport won a multimillion-dollar tender to repair the refueling aircraft. Based on its results, Ukrspecexport SE has signed a contract with the Pakistani Air Force Procurement Department to repair military aircraft. The contract was successfully completed by the Mykolaiv Aircraft Repair Plant, which is part of the Concern,” – Ukrspecexport CEO Vadym Nozdria said.

– Meeting of the Ukroboronprom SC management with the French delegation during the French Security Days in Ukraine organized by the French Embassy in Ukraine.

During the meeting, the parties discussed the possibility and prospects of contracts with Thales, Safran and Airbus within the already signed memoranda of cooperation. In particular, the parties discussed projects in aircraft engineering, armored vehicles and radar systems.

– Signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation between NAUDI and the Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing.

The Memorandum reinforces the intentions of the parties to cooperate in the field of security and defense to enhance each other’s ability to develop a strong and independent defense industry.

The parties will develop various joint defense projects, in particular, to supply products for the needs of military and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and Georgia and third parties, conduct research and development work, organize training programs for military personnel, develop supply and demand chains, and intensify marketing activities.

– Meeting of the Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine Volodymyr Taftay with the delegation of the Egyptian Space Agency headed by Deputy Executive Director Mohammed Khalil Iraqi.

At the meeting, the parties noted the successful experience of previous cooperation between Ukraine and Egypt in the implementation of the joint space project EgyptSat-1 and expressed mutual interest in resuming cooperation in the space sector.

– An agreement has been concluded on creating an Abris Design Group research laboratory in the Institute of Aerospace Technologies (Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute).

The laboratory will receive experimental stands, software, unmanned aerial vehicles and launch systems for them. As part of the cooperation, it is planned to involve students in promising research and internships at ABRIS. The laboratory will be provided with test benches, software and unmanned aircrafts along with complementary launch systems. The goal of this cooperation is to involve students in promising research conducted by ABRIS and to provide internship opportunities at ABRIS manufacturing facilities.

We will be happy to see you during the next
XIII International Aviation and Space Salon «Aviasvit-ХХІ»!

(Autumn 2023) 

The report is based on the materials of the general information partner of Aviasvit-XXI Salon – Defense Express magazine (https://defence-ua.com/), special information partner – mil.in.ua web portal (https://mil.in.ua/) and exhibitors, as well as some of the web resources: https://censor.net/; https://qha.com.ua/; https://www.ukrinform.ua/; https://savelife.in.ua/; https://mil.in.ua/; https://armyinform.com.ua/; http://nova.net.ua/