28th Mechanized Brigade visit Odesa as part of the exercises

28th Mechanized Brigade visit Odesa as part of the exercises

28th Mechanized Brigade Armed Forces Odesa Training Ukraine

During January 19-20, 2022, the 28th Mechanized Brigade entered Odesa within the framework of counter amphibious exercises.

Reported by the press service of the Ukrainian Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At 5 AM, according to the cue signal, the military went to the line of deployment on the Black Sea coast.

Units of the brigade took up defense of landing-attractive areas from Koblevo to Chornomorka, including Odessa, placing military equipment in positions and create defensive fire plan.

“The purpose of the training was to train commanders of all levels and staffs in the brigade for qualitative planning of actions to cover a section of the sea coast and improve the practical skills of the commander and staff of the brigade. Commanders and staff of the battalions in making decisions on the circumstances, management of subordinate units during the execution of combat missions in real conditions,” – wrote in the press service.

On the territory of the Odesa marine terminal, Commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, Colonel-General Oleksandr Syrsky and the Commander of the Operational Command South Major-General Andriy Kovalchuk checked the combat readiness of the brigade.

Brigade coped with the tasks in the timing and showed high professional qualities for the defense of the seacoast.

Near the occupied Crimea, the readiness of heavy artillery is regularly checked. For example, in December, a detachment on 2А65 “MSTA-B” 152-mm howitzers, which is a part of the task force “South,” exercised to destroy the enemy landing forces.

Preparatory and practical actions to detect and destroy the landing forces of a conditional enemy servicemen work every week and include not only training and high readiness of heavy artillery.

Розрахунки артилерійських установок МСТА-Б

Recently, conducted BTG-level exercises near the occupied Crimea, and aviation also took part in it.

The exercise script also included the repulsion of the landing of the conditional enemy, with which the Ukrainian Marines successfully managed.

They are training to resist Russia’s possible full-scale aggression from the captured Ukrainian peninsula and heavier systems, such as the Uranag and Smerch rocket systems, as well as Tochka-U missile systems.

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28th Mechanized Brigade Armed Forces Odesa Training Ukraine