46th Airmobile Brigade Thwarts Significant Enemy Attack in Marinka

46th Airmobile Brigade Thwarts Significant Enemy Attack in Marinka

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The paratroopers of the 46th Airmobile Brigade of the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces repelled the largest enemy assault during the entire period of their presence in the Mariinka sector.

The video was released by the brigade’s press service.

It is reported that the Russians conducted the assault on June 13, 2024, involving 28 units of equipment.

The brigade’s aerial reconnaissance detected the enemy’s movements in time, and its vanguard forces began to incur losses due to minefields on the outskirts of Ukrainian positions.

Almost simultaneously, the brigade’s soldiers launched a combined attack on the advancing Russian invasion forces using artillery, anti-tank missile systems, and drones.

The released footage shows the moments when Russian armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, and tanks were hit.

The brigade’s press service detailed that the enemy lost 13 units of equipment during the assault, 20 Russian servicemen were killed, and 38 others were wounded.

“An excellent result of the paratroopers’ combat work, who once again reminded the Russian invaders that this is our land,” the brigade emphasized.

Combat work of the 46th Brigade

Militarnyi previously reported on the soldiers of the 46th Airmobile Brigade demonstrating their capture of a bridgehead on the Inhulets River in the Kherson region in the summer of 2022.

The unit shared video about its participation in combat operations as part of the operational groups “Nova Kakhovka” and “Prymoria.”

Watch the documentary about this story, and hear the participants’ testimonies about the conquest of the bridgehead on the Inhulets River.

You can find out more about the brigade’s combat journey on their social media, and you can watch more videos on their YouTube channel.

Occupants elimination Russia Ukraine