47th Mechanized Brigade Halts Russians Mechanized Assault

47th Mechanized Brigade Halts Russians Mechanized Assault

Artillery Occupants elimination UAV Ukraine War with Russia

The press service of the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade “Magura” announced that soldiers successfully halted a large-scale mechanized assault by the enemy.

The assault involved tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

“The invaders keep trying to storm the area of responsibility of the 47th Mechanized Brigade. They are using both armored vehicles and a huge number of infantry,” the statement said.

The enemy’s equipment was destroyed by the joint efforts of the Unmanned Systems Battalion “Strike Drones Company” the 2nd Mechanized Battalion’s Attack Drone Unit “Ignis Vindicta” operators, and the 47th Brigade’s artillerymen.

The first seconds of the video show the movement of two armored personnel carriers protected by anti-drone “grills,” one of which was equipped with electronic warfare equipment.

Following either a mine detonation or a direct hit from an artillery shell, one of the infantry fighting vehicles was incapacitated, prompting the surviving troops to vacate the vehicle.

The second infantry fighting vehicle with electronic warfare equipment was also attacked, but at least on the video, it was not damaged.

The video further shows how artillery attacks an enemy MT-LB tracked vehicle, which is later finished off by FPV drones.

The Russians used three tanks, including T-80BMV and T-90M Proryv, which were constantly attacked by FPV drones.

Combat work of the 47th Brigade

Militarnyi reported on May 2 that the 47th Mechanized Brigade fought off a mechanized assault by the invaders near Ocheretyne, during which a Bradley IFV shot at point blank range a Russian armored personnel carrier carrying infantry.

The unit’s artillery and armored personnel carrier stopped the attack, after which kamikaze drone operators destroyed the damaged armored vehicles and finished off the remaining assault groups hiding in buildings and basements.

Український M2 Bradley розстрілює з гармати російський МТ-ЛБ, травень 2024 року. Фото: 47 ОМБр

In particular, the reconnaissance drone caught the moment when a Russian T-72B3 tank equipped with anti-drone nets and an electronic warfare system was destroyed by an FPV drone.

On April 4, it was reported that engineers, gunners, and drone operators of the 47th Mechanized Brigade successfully destroyed an enemy BMP-2 and eliminated its crew.

The video showed a convoy of Russian troops moving towards Ukrainian positions, after which one of the infantry fighting vehicles was blown up on a mine or hit by artillery.

After that, the crew and soldiers evacuated from the affected BMP-2. This particular BMP-2 was equipped with an anti-drone “grill” system and slat armor. They sought cover behind its side for protection.

Afterward, an FPV drone targeted the damaged IFV, and subsequently, the drone released munitions onto it.

Artillery Occupants elimination UAV Ukraine War with Russia