55th Brigade receives CAESAR ACS

55th Brigade receives CAESAR ACS

ACS Armed Forces of Ukraine Artillery Caesar ACS Donbas Military assistance Ukraine War in Donbas War with Russia

Ukrainian gunners with Caesar self-propelled howitzer destroy Russian invaders in Donbas.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces published the photo of the howitzer in action.

The Caesar ACS is used by the artillerymen of the Joint Forces Operation detachments, who have mastered the new type of weapon.

Ukraine received 155-mm wheeled self-propelled artillery units (ACS) from France as a part of military assistance to counter the Russian invasion forces.

The French ACSs were received by the 55th Artillery Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The General Staff reported that recently three combat crews from the 55th Artillery Brigade conducted a fire strike on the enemy within 155mm projectiles.

Positions of Russian invaders were affected at a distance of more than 22 kilometers.

“Everything is fast and clear. Arrived at the position,… 50 seconds – “Fire mission,” the range – 22110 meters, 4-5 shots per minute, 55 seconds “All clear, move out!,” Ukrainian servicemen said.

Armored vehicles, trucks, and ammunition of the invasion troops were destroyed.

“Our result – two tanks, two BMDs, and a truck with the ammunition of Russian war criminals,” the General Staff reported.

On May 25, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny said that Caesar self-propelled howitzers were already at the frontline fighting with the Russian invaders.

Caesar ACS is a French 155mm self-propelled howitzer developed by GIAT Industries. It’s been serially produced since 2007. 72 units were supplied to the French army. Barrel length – 52 calibers. It holds 18 rounds. Rate of fire – 6 shots per minute. Caesar is able to use the full range of NATO 155-mm artillery shells. The Renault Sherpa 5 6×6 chassis used for the French army modification.

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ACS Armed Forces of Ukraine Artillery Caesar ACS Donbas Military assistance Ukraine War in Donbas War with Russia