A million-dollar reward for an enemy plane. Verkhovna Rada has passed the relevant legislation

A million-dollar reward for an enemy plane. Verkhovna Rada has passed the relevant legislation

Ukraine Verkhovna Rada War with Russia

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine had passed the Law of Ukraine #7229, which establishes a monetary reward in exchange for enemy military equipment.

Militarnyi reported this.

The document was approved in total, 320 People’s Deputies voted in favor.

The Law defines the following payments:

  • Fighter jet or attack aircraft – $1 million;
  • Combat helicopter – $0.5 million;
  • MLRS – $25 thousand (caliber up to 122 mm), $35 thousand (caliber from 122 mm);
  • Tank, self-propelled ground artillery – $100 thousand;
  • Infantry (paratrooper) combat vehicle, armored personnel carrier, armored reconnaissance patrol vehicle – $50 thousand;
  • Military car/prime mover/engineering vehicle for reconnaissance, demining, fencing, road construction, etc. – $10 thousand;
  • Ship of 1st or 2nd rank – $1 million;
  • Ship of 3rd or 4th rank – $0.5 million;
  • Ship of military (auxiliary) provision – $200 thousand;
  • Small-sized combat (reconnaissance) vessel – $50 thousand.

Ukrainian law guarantees payments both to the Ukrainian military and civilians and to the russian federation personnel.

The document states that in this way, the “stimulus measures” aimed at reducing the negative consequences of russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine, as well as ending the hostilities are introduced.

In addition, the russian military who would “hand over” the equipment to Ukraine can be guaranteed the secrecy of the transfer.

Also, upon request, they will be provided with documents containing the new constituent data, will be guaranteed security during their stay in Ukraine, and have the conditions to enter a third country.

The only condition is that the equipment must be in working condition.

The russians are often leaving their equipment behind when fleeing Ukrainian settlements. For example, in the village of Nova Basan in the Chernihiv region, the equipment and bodies of the soldiers were left behind.

Ukraine Verkhovna Rada War with Russia