A new Kozak-7 armored vehicle demonstrated for Ukrainian military

A new Kozak-7 armored vehicle demonstrated for Ukrainian military

Armed Forces of Ukraine Armored Wheeled Vehicle Kozak-2 Ministry of Defense of Ukraine PRACTIKA

Kozak-7 manufactured by Research and Production Association PRACTIKA in cooperation with other members of the League was demonstrated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine authorities.

Reported by Militarnyi with reference to the League of Defense Enterprises.

The Armored Wheeled Vehicle presented by the League of Defense Сompanies of Ukraine as a joint project of the private defense and industrial complex, where Research and Production Association PRACTIKA acted as the chief executor.

This armored vehicle designed for a foreign customer on an individual technical requirement.

The Company said that the car is well suited for hostilities in urban conditions.

Валерій Залужний оглядає бронемашину «Козак-7». Січень 2022. Фото: ldc.org.ua

According to the Company, such a model of Armored Wheeled Vehicle could find its application in the combat detachments of the Ukrainian military and law enforcement services.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Valery Zaluzhny and the Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Sergey Shaptala, confirmed their interest in the vehicles of this class.

Officials of the Armed Forces conducted a comparison of the Kozak-7 with another version of the multifunctional armored vehicle Kozak-2M1.

They noted the level of security of the personnel, ergonomic, improved dynamic characteristics, the use of an automatic transmission.

Evolution of Kozak-family armored vehicles

Developers also offer the possibility of creating a line of specialized vehicles based on Kozak-7: command and staff; control post; ATGM carrier; ambulance etc.

Лінійка спеціальних машин на базі «Козак-7»

As a significant advantage of the Kozak-2М1 in comparison with Kozak-7 is the lower cost.

In addition, the armored vehicle has a more simplified production technology.

For Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Company can guarantee uninterrupted deliveries of Kozak-7 in sufficient quantities.

It has stated that the capacity of the enterprise allows producing vehicles of similar class up to 150-200 units per year.

Бронемашина «Козак-7»

In particular, last year the company produced about 150 vehicles of this class both for the domestic market and for export.

Should be noted that immediately after presentation vehicle was sent to the international arms exhibition “World Defense Show,” which will be held in March this year in Saudi Arabia.

Бронемашина «Козак-7»

“We hope that in the near future the interest of the Ukrainian military will manifest itself in specific actions, and the Kozak-7 project will be implemented and become a kind of working horse of the Ukrainian army like the Oshkosh L-ATV in U.S. Army,” the manufacturers said.

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