Ammunition blast hits EMKO company’s arms depot in Bulgaria

Ammunition blast hits EMKO company’s arms depot in Bulgaria

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A large-scale fire broke out at the arms depot of the EMKO company near the Bulgarian city of Karnobat.

The Bulgarian media, Mediapool, reported about this.

According to the owner, Emilian Gebrev, the fire broke out around 00:40 on Sunday, and fortunately, none of the base’s guards were injured.

He called the case “inexplicable” because there was no product in the burned depot that could have caught fire by itself.

“I can’t say what the reasons are,” Gebrev added.

The fire was the second in a row at the facility after a fire at another depot detonated ammunition on July 31, 2022.

Since then, the investigation has been ongoing, and the prosecutor’s office has not released any official information about its progress.

“Nobody said anything to me, as if nothing had happened,” Gebrev added, adding that investigators had not contacted him at all since the latest incident.

In 2014, the depot of a Bulgarian businessman was blown up in the Czech Republic. Then the mass media found out that he was sending ammunition to Ukraine. Gebrev confirmed this in 2021.

In 2015, Gebrev was hospitalized after he lost consciousness at an event in Sofia. Around the same time, his son and one of the top managers of the Bulgarian businessman’s company felt bad. All three were hospitalized with symptoms of severe poisoning.

Еміліан Гебрєв. Фото: Getty Images/AFP/N. Doychinov

Later, the University of Helsinki’s chemical weapons laboratory was able to establish traces of two organophosphates, which indicated that Gebrev had attempted to be killed with a nerve agent. Russian military intelligence officers may be involved in the poisoning of Gebrev.

As previously reported, an explosion also blasted out at the JSC Arsenal AD in Bulgaria, which manufactures weapons and ammunition for Ukraine.

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