An exhibition of destroyed and captured Russian weapons takes place in Budapest

An exhibition of destroyed and captured Russian weapons takes place in Budapest

Europe Hungary Neighbor nations Ukraine War with Russia

An exhibition of trophy samples of destroyed and captured weapons and military equipment of the Russian army opened in the Hungarian capital.

ArmyInform reported on this.

The exhibits demonstrate what kind of equipment the Ukrainian military is faced with and what an ordinary serviceman of the Russian army is equipped with.

Such exhibitions allow for informing the residents of the European Union about Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and its citizens, specific facts of crimes during the aggression against Ukraine, violations of international norms and war crimes.

The samples also provide clear evidence of the indiscriminate use of various types of weapons used by Russia, including those used against Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure and civilians: the exhibition features the main types of long-range munitions, cluster submunitions and anti-personnel mines.

The exhibition has already been visited by representatives of the embassy, Ukrainian and Hungarian citizens, and the military attaché in Hungary with his colleagues from other countries, including the United States, Germany, Austria, Poland, and South Korea.

Detailed descriptions of the exhibits and their tactical and technical characteristics were also presented at the event.

The exhibition is organized by the National Military History Museum of Ukraine of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Center for Research of Trophy and Advanced Weapons and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the invitation of the Belgian Association “Golden Bee Foundation”.

As previously reported, exhibitions of trophy weapons and equipment from the fields of the Russian-Ukrainian war have been held abroad many times.

For example, in March 2023, the Dutch city of Groosbeek opened an exhibition with a damaged Russian T-72 tank.

Знищений в Україні танк Т-72 російської армії в Нідерландах. Березень 2023. Фото: Укрінформ

This combat vehicle was destroyed by the Ukrainian army on March 31, 2022, during a battle near Kyiv, on the outskirts of the village of Dmytrivka, near Bucha. Another damaged Russian tank was on display in Amsterdam.

It was also reported that an exhibition “Ukraine. Crucifixion. Tribunal” had opened in New York at 866 United Nations Plaza.

Over 1000 exhibits collected from the liberated territories were placed on the area of about two thousand square meters.

Europe Hungary Neighbor nations Ukraine War with Russia