Another 22 Ukrainian soldiers released from captivity

Another 22 Ukrainian soldiers released from captivity

Armed Forces of Ukraine POW Ukraine War with Russia

On Monday, Ukraine returned 22 servicemen from Russian captivity.

Andriy Yermak, head of the President’s Office, made the announcement.

These are members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including two officers, as well as privates and sergeants.

They took part in battles in various parts of the Russian-Ukrainian war frontline. There are wounded among the released prisoners.

The oldest of our returned soldiers has just turned 54 years old, while the youngest of them is 23 years old.

All the servicemen will undergo physical and psychological rehabilitation, reintegration and receive the necessary treatment with the support of medical specialists.

Immediately after the exchange, the freed from Russian captivity Ukrainian defenders receive a set of essentials and means of communication with their families.

The previous exchange of prisoners of war took place on July 6. Two civilians and 45 defenders from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, and the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine were returned from Russian captivity.

Among them were two officers, 41 privates and sergeants, a civilian employee of Azovstal, and a member of the territorial defense from Kherson.

Ukrainian children illegally taken to Russia, namely 6-year-old Renat and 10-year-old Varvara, also returned home.

Українські діти, яких повернули з Росії. 06.07.2023. Україна. Фото: Андрій Єрмак

Their mother, a combat medic, was released in a major exchange in October 2022.

45 servicemen who had been captured during hostilities on the territory of Ukraine were returned to the Russian side.

Armed Forces of Ukraine POW Ukraine War with Russia