Another country interested in Ukrainian “Neptune” missile system

Another country interested in Ukrainian “Neptune” missile system

Anti ship missiles Export Luch Design Bureau Navy Neptun Ukraine Weapons purchase World

Another country interested in the Ukrainian “Neptune” coastal defense missile system, reports Militarnyi.

Information about foreign customers was revealed in an interview with Apostrophe TV channel (Security Talks project) by Oleh Korostelov, Director General of the State Kyiv Design Bureau “LUCH”.

According to him, negotiations on the purchase of the missile system are underway with four countries.

“Who exactly, which country I would not like to tell, but such negotiations are underway with four countries,” said Oleh Korostelov.

Earlier it was suggested that Indonesia may become the first foreign buyer of Neptune. It was reported that a Memorandum on concluding a contract for the supply of the RK-360MTs coastal mobile missile system has already been signed.

However, now Oleh Korostelov is not sure about this and suggests that another country may be the first customer, but he did not announce its name.

“The situation is changing, there was Indonesia, but now two more countries “came out”, well-financed countries, and perhaps Indonesia will not be the first,” – said Korostelov.

In July, Oleh Korostelov told that three countries were interested in the domestically produced anti-ship missile system. At that time, acquisition negotiations were at different stages.


Now RK-360MTs “Neptune” is a ground-based coastal defense system with the R-360 anti-ship missile designed to defeat warships of such classes as cruisers, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, landing craft, tank landing ships or transports that act independently, as well as a part of naval formations or amphibious units, and coastal radio-contrast targets, in good and bad meteorological conditions at any time of day and year, with enemy’s active fire and electronic counteraction.

Пуск протикорабельної ракети Р-360 ракетного комплексу «Нептун» 17 червня 2020 року

The contract for the production of one Neptune battalion was signed by the Ministry of Defense at the end of 2020. Currently, one of the Ukrainian Navy units is undergoing experimental exploitation of the system with launchers and special vehicles based on the KrAZ chassis.

РК-360МЦ «Нептун»

In December 2020, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Kyiv State Design Bureau LUCH prepared an agreement to develop an air-launched version of the R-360 missile for the Ukrainian Air Force.

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Anti ship missiles Export Luch Design Bureau Navy Neptun Ukraine Weapons purchase World
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