ATACMS Ballistic Missiles Target Kerch Ferry Crossing, General Staff Reveals

ATACMS Ballistic Missiles Target Kerch Ferry Crossing, General Staff Reveals

Crimea General Staff Ukraine War with Russia

On the night of May 30, 2024, the Ukrainian Defense Forces successfully struck a Russian ferry crossing in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

This was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The strike was reportedly carried out with ATACMS ballistic missiles. They targeted the Kerch ferry, which was actively used by the enemy for its troops.

The General Staff noted that the ferry was covered by modern Russian air defense systems – Pantsir-S1, Tor, and S-400 Triumph, but despite this, American-made missiles successfully hit the target.

As a result, two ferries that conducted rail and road transportation sustained significant damage. One of them ran aground, blocking the operation of the entire Kerch crossing.

Thanks to the successful combat work of the Ukrainian military, the military logistics of the invaders on the peninsula were significantly undermined.

“The enemy must remember: Crimea is Ukraine,” the General Staff emphasized.

In addition, as a result of missile attacks on the Kerch ferry crossing, two of the same type of ferry ships, Avangard and Conro Trader of the CNF06 project, were also struck.

The Avanguard ran aground due to significant damage, evidently caused by breaches in its sides. Reportedly, four crew members were injured.

The ship “Conro Trader” probably suffered less critical damage, one crew member was injured.

Both ferries are railway and were the only ones of this type that served the Kerch ferry.

In addition, the occupied peninsula is connected with the Russian mainland by another 5 ferries: two small “Kerchensky-2” and “Eysk” and three large automobile ferries: “Lavrenty,” “Panagia” and “Maria.”

The Ukrainian military also succeeded in striking four KS-701 “Tunets” transport and landing boats, two of which were completely destroyed by naval attack drones.

It is reported that a missile strike also damaged and sank the pilot boat “Mechta.” Crew members managed to leave the ship and were not injured.

Crimea General Staff Ukraine War with Russia