Austria will help Ukraine in demining

Austria will help Ukraine in demining

Austria Humanitarian aid Mine clearance Ukraine

Austria will finance equipment worth € 2 million (about $2.15 million) to demine Ukrainian lands.

Alexander Schallenberg, Head of the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reported on this.

However, Austrian specialists, including military personnel, will not go to Ukraine, and humanitarian assistance, including demining, does not contradict the neutrality of Austria’s position.

In its statement, Vienna notes that the mining of Ukrainian territories complicates the use of agricultural land.

The Austrian publication Weekend.at reports that Austria’s potential participation in a humanitarian demining operation in Ukraine has “divided domestic politics in recent days” and sparked intense debate.

However, to understand the situation, the Austrian government uses the following indicators: the territory of Ukraine contaminated by mines is approximately three times the size of the whole of Austria.

Vice-Chancellor Werner Kogler said: “Being neutral does not mean that we sit back and look the other way. The Republic of Austria is currently supporting Ukraine with two million euros for demining.”

“In this way, we help Ukrainian children go to kindergartens and schools again. And we are strengthening food security, allowing farmers to cultivate their fields again,” said Werner Kogler.

At the same time, Austria’s Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer noted: “The fact remains: no Austrian soldier will set foot on Ukrainian land for demining as long as it is a combat zone. We help with financial assistance for mine clearance.”

Ukraine is the most mined country in the world. $40 billion are needed to demine the Ukrainian lands affected by the Russian war.

Previously, Ukrainian sappers have received two mine-clearing vehicles from the Canadian government.

Also, the Come Back Alive Foundation and the telecommunications company Kyivstar launched the project “Let us live here.”

Austria Humanitarian aid Mine clearance Ukraine