Babylon’13 premiered a “Fortress Mariupol” film series

Babylon’13 premiered a “Fortress Mariupol” film series

Azov Regiment Donbas Ukraine War in Donbas War with Russia

The Babylon’13 cinematographic community has premiered a “Fortress Mariupol” documentary film series about the defenders of the Ukrainian city.

Militarnyi reports about this.

Director Yulia Gontaruk, a member of the community, developed her stories based on the video calls to the soldiers of the “Azov” regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian soldiers are currently in the occupied city of Mariupol, in the territory of the encircled Azovstal plant.

From the beginning of the siege, the director has been having conversations with the soldiers of the Azov regiment, which helped to uncover their portraits.

The second film in the cycle is a conversation with Kirt, who has been fighting against Russian invaders since 2014.

Kirt was the commander of the Second Company of the Azov regiment, the Commander of the Military School named after E. Konovalets. Now he, along with other soldiers, holds the defense at the territory of the “Azovstal” metallurgical plant in Mariupol.

Soldiers of the “Azov” regiment who remain in Mariupol together with other Ukrainian military units continue to repel the enemy’s attempts to charge “Azovstal.” The servicemen emphasize that they are not going to surrender to the invaders and are fulfilling the order of the General Staff to hold the defense.

Last week, women, children, and the elderly were evacuated from the blocked plant.

Mariupol remains besieged by the Russian invaders for over two months. The Russian military actions in the city caused a large-scale humanitarian disaster.

Russians bombed the residential areas of the city along with civilian infrastructure and blocked the provision of humanitarian aid. As a result, over 20 thousand civilians died in the city.

On May 13, the Russians launched a ground operation against the Ukrainian defenders, who are holding the defense in full surrounding at the Azovstal plant. Ukrainian military is constantly conducting counterattacks that lead to the enemy’s significant losses in manpower and equipment.

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Azov Regiment Donbas Ukraine War in Donbas War with Russia