Belarus starts counterterrorism operation and hidden mobilization

Belarus starts counterterrorism operation and hidden mobilization

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Belarus announced the beginning of a counterterrorism operation due to the “threat from neighboring countries.”

The statement on the operation was made by Vladimir Makei, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belaru, in his interview with the Russian media, according to European Pravda.

Local media also reported the start of the hidden mobilization in the country.

According to the Belarusian Foreign Minister, it follows that the regime of the “counterterrorism operation” was introduced on Monday after a meeting with Lukashenko .

“We have to take care of our own safety. We have to protect our people and make sure that no foot of the occupier ever touches our land. The head of our country held a number of meetings with law enforcement agencies, introduced a counterterrorism operation. Indeed, there was information that provocations related to the seizure of certain sections of the territory of Belarus were planned by some neighboring states,” Makei said.

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There are currently no details on the “counterterrorism operation regime.” No dates for holding it have also been announced.

The Belarusian publication Flagshtok notes that the first mention of the introduction of such a regime was made by the ideologists of secondary school No. 12 of Svetlogorsk. They earlier than anyone else in Belarus (back on October 12) held an event for schoolchildren: “We are different, but we are united in the fight against terror.”

Meanwhile, the Belarusian media Nasha Niva reports on the hidden mobilization in Belarus.

Multiple sources informed the media that Lukashenko had made the decision to carry out a covert mobilization. According to them, it’s necessary for the completion of military units. However, they enlist in the Belarusian army in the name of testing combat readiness.

First of all, allegedly, they plan to mobilize people from the villages. They do not specify how many people are going to be involved in the army. Presumably, Lukashenko decided not to announce his decision publicly, taking into account the Russian reaction to the so-called “partial mobilization” in Russia.

One of the sources of Nasha Niva noted that it will be possible to understand the purpose of mobilization after information about its scale appears.

The authorities are currently primarily seeking individuals with military specialties, which are currently in short supply, according to sources in the Belarusian media. One of the sources says that “people who can serve as commanders are called to the meeting. Others talk about chefs, technical and support staff. This is thought to be a sign of the first phase, which is the gathering of individuals who will later be able to provide other mobilized and equipment for them.

Europe Neighbors Russia the Republic of Belarus Ukraine War with Russia World