Belgians wish to shoot down enemy drones with shotguns

Belgians wish to shoot down enemy drones with shotguns

Air Defense Belgium UAV

The Belgian Air Force decided to use 12-gauge Benelli M4 automatic shotguns against drones.

The relevant statement was posted on the Facebook page of the Belgian Kleine Brogel Air Base.

Shotguns were provided to the airbase security units, which had undergone appropriate training with instructors. The soldiers practiced shooting at mock-ups of drones suspended at a height.

The effectiveness of such weapons against fast and maneuverable targets at high altitudes remains questionable, but they may prove to be quite suitable for fighting low-flying targets.

According to the photo, shotgun cartridges are used for shooting, which, when scattered, create a “cloud” of striking elements, increasing the chances of damage.

However, this kind of shooting requires the gunmen to undergo good firearms training and to be able to shoot at a moving target ahead of time.

The Ukrainian gunsmith channel IBIS Arms and Hunting conducted an experiment in which professional shooters tried to shoot down a quadcopter with a 12-gauge shotgun with a 76-centimeter barrel.

For comparison, the barrel of the Italian Benelli M4 is 47 centimeters long.

A practical experiment demonstrated that case-shot and pellet failed to disable a stationary drone at an altitude of 100 and 74 meters with a distance of 108 meters.

However, it is worth noting that the drone was damaged, but the energy of the striking elements at such altitudes is so low that it could not significantly damage one of the most vulnerable elements, the propeller.

The shooters managed to shoot down the stationary drone at not the first shot, but the Belgian airbase guards will not have many attempts: the enemy drone will actively maneuver at heights unattainable to the shooter.

Militarnyi recently reported that the United States Army is looking for a cheap drone to train personnel and conduct various operations.

Air Defense Belgium UAV