Biden could consider strengthening Ukrainian military aviation – Atlantic Council

Biden could consider strengthening Ukrainian military aviation – Atlantic Council

Ukraine Ukraine - USA USA

Upgrading Ukrainian tactical aviation with US aircraft is a strategic opportunity for Biden administration to provide significant problems to Russia and a great propaganda move, said Stephen Blank, Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in his article for Atlantic Council.

Blank recommends delivery of up to100 F-15, 6-8 E-2C-2000 Hawkeye aircraft and 8-12 KC-135R tankers to Ukraine.

The military aid package should include Link-16 data exchange terminals, smart munitions, cruise missiles, reconnaissance and target designation equipment. Such aid would send a clear signal for Moscow, deterring any future attempts of invasion.

There are many options of implementation of this scenario. One of these is delivery of used F-15C\D, E-2C-2000 and KC-135R aircraft upon their possible upgrading. Another option is delivery of cutting edge F-15QA or F-15EX.

Strengthening Ukrainian Air Force would be an outstanding step for the Biden administration, demonstrating that the United States is not going to tolerate Russia’s inadequate policy in Eastern Europe.

Ukrainian Air Force is currently considering F-16, F-15 and JAS 39 as a possible replacement for its aging fleet. According to General Drozdov, Commandant of Ukrainian AF, in the future Ukrainian Air Force will convert to 5th generation F-35.

France demonstrates intents to offer its Dassault Rafale fighter jet according to local media.

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