Boeing reveals when Ukraine will receive high-precision GLSDB

Boeing reveals when Ukraine will receive high-precision GLSDB

Military assistance Ukraine - USA USA War with Russia

Boeing and Saab are on track to supply Ukraine with high-precision Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bombs.

Jim Leary, Senior Director of Business at Boeing made such a statement, Global Defense reports.

The Ukrainian Defense Forces will receive these weapons as part of military assistance from the United States to counter the Russian invasion.

“We are on track to deliver in accordance with the government’s timeline,” Leary said.

Ukraine is expected to receive high-precision GLSDB (Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb) already this winter.

Along with this ammunition, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be provided with new launchers. Although it was previously stated that GLSDBs could be launched from the M270 and HIMARS systems, which were in service with the Ukrainian army.

It should be noted that GLSDBs were supposed to arrive in Ukraine this fall. According to Laura Cooper, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Pentagon, the delay in the delivery of these munitions is due to development and production issues.

Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb

Structurally, a GLSDB is a GBU-39 small guided bomb weighing 130 kilograms, which is connected to a solid rocket engine from a М26 rocket. This weapon is launched from ground-based missile systems. When the engine detaches, the wings of the bombs open in the air, providing a significantly longer range.

Макет GLSDB (Ground Lanched Small Diameter Bomb)

These precision-guided rounds were created in cooperation with Boeing and SAAB. Their design has been developing since 2019.

The developers say that the M26 rocket motor is relatively affordable, and the production of the GBU-39 bomb costs about $40,000 per unit, making the GLSDB an inexpensive weapon with its main components readily available for production.

The GLSDB uses GPS and an inertial navigation system to guide the target.

The use of a rocket engine allows for a range of approximately 150 kilometers.

Military assistance Ukraine - USA USA War with Russia