BTR-4E APC hull assembly was shown in Zhytomyr

BTR-4E APC hull assembly was shown in Zhytomyr

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The State Enterprise “Zhytomyr Armor Plant” presented its hull assembly process for Ukrainian BTR-4E APC, reports Militarnyi. 

On November 15th the “Zhytomyr Armor Plant” was visited by local journalists from SK1 TV channel, informs the press service of the enterprise. The visit was stipulated by the enterprise management desire to show the assembly process. As we previously announced, following the results of the recent trials the “Zhytomyr Armor Plant” proved its capability to deliver hulls for Ukrainian wheeled armored vehicles on time and with good quality. The enterprise launched serial production of hulls for Ukrainian armored vehicles.

The manufacturing process is coordinated with the State Enterprise “Kharkiv Machinery Design Office named after O. Morozov”, which is responsible for filling the hulls with necessary systems, units and mechanisms. 

“So far the “Zhytomyr Armor Plant” is expanding its manufacturing facilities in order to deliver the first batch of armored hulls to “Kharkiv Machinery Design Office” by the end of the year for final assembly of the vehicles”, – announced the «Ukroboronprom» holding.

As of 2021 the “Kharkiv Machinery Design Office” has an order for 75 BTR-4E vehicles. Besides combat vehicles the order includes one BTR-4K armored command vehicle and one BREM-4RM armored recovery vehicle.

Бронетранспортери БТР-4Е під час підготовки до урочистостей

Ukrainian BTR-4 vehicle is intended for troop transportation and delivery of fire support in combat. It became a prototype for the whole family of vehicles, including: command vehicle, medevac vehicle, armored recovery vehicle, etc.    

For the Marines needs the vehicle was fitted with additional floats improving its floating capabilities, engine’s air intake was moved above the weapons system module.

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