Come Back Alive Foundation delivered off-road vehicles to the 93rd Brigade

Come Back Alive Foundation delivered off-road vehicles to the 93rd Brigade

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The Come Back Alive Foundation has delivered 78 Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs to the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade “Kholodnyi Yar”.

The foundation reported about this on its official Facebook page.

The donated Toyota Land Cruiser 78 SUVs are designed as medical evacuation vehicles with additional space for transporting wounded soldiers on stretchers.

The cars were purchased and re-equipped as part of the Hope Wheels initiative, a joint project of the Foundation and Tabletki.ua.

In addition to the basic advantages of high cross-country ability, all-wheel drive and a powerful engine, the vehicles were equipped with additional heating, inverters, modern radio electronic warfare, medical devices, first aid equipment, car radios for secure communication, etc.

“It is critical to bring the wounded to the stabilization center as soon as possible, which requires reliable, passable and properly equipped transport,” the statement said.

The purchase and re-equipment of the vehicles cost UAH 20,937,300. This will improve the ability of the brigade’s medics to respond to calls.

Thanks to its robust base, Toyota Land Cruiser 78 SUVs are perfectly suited for use as specialized vehicles for the military.

In addition to the military, the vehicles are also used by civilian medical services. Militarnyi previously reported that the Olena Zelenska Foundation and the Ministry of Health had handed over the second batch of ambulances from the UAE government to medics.

The vehicles are outfitted with all necessary medical gear, including oxygen cylinders, heart monitors, defibrillators, electrocardiographs, and ventilators.

The Ministry of Defense of Japan also handed over the third batch of vehicles to Ukraine, including Toyota HMV, Mitsubishi Type 73 off-road vehicles and PC-065B tracked engineering vehicles.

The Toyota HMV is equipped with a 4.1-liter 15B-FTE turbocharged diesel engine that develops approximately 155 horsepower. The carrying capacity of the vehicle is about one ton.

Come Back Alive CF Europe Ukraine Volunteers World