Czech CZ BREN 2 assault rifles to be produced in Ukraine

Czech CZ BREN 2 assault rifles to be produced in Ukraine

Czech Republic Defense industry of Ukraine Partnership

The Czech Republic will transfer to Ukraine a license to produce CZ BREN 2 assault rifles.

The corresponding statement was made by the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic.

The launch of the production of these assault rifles at Ukrainian facilities was named among the “flagship” projects of Ukrainian-Czech cooperation discussed at the International Defense Industries Forum in Kyiv.

The assault rifles manufactured by Česká zbrojovka will be produced in Ukraine under the Sich (“Січ”) brand.

In addition, the Czechs will help Ukrainians set up an ammunition production line. This project will be implemented by Sellier & Bellot.

CZ BREN 2 assault rifles are already in service with Ukrainian soldiers. Several photos and videos of these weapons have been posted online. It can be assumed that CZ BREN 2 is used mainly by the units of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

Копитін Ігор, Кирило Буданов та Роман Машовець у Сєвєродонецьку. Червень 2022. Україна. Фото: Копитін Ігор

The CZ BREN2 assault rifle was developed by the Czech company CZ-UB as an improved version of the CZ-805 BREN.

The weapon is mass-produced and is in service with the Czech Army.

The CZ BREN2 was introduced in 2015. In 2017, this assault rifle was adopted by the Czech Army.

The assault rifle is equipped with a locked breech with rotating breech block driven by combustion gasses. The assault rifle has a quick-release barrel, which allows for quick changes in length and caliber.

The receiver is made of aluminum alloy, while the trigger, along with the pistol grip and mag well, are made of plastic.

In 2021, it became known that the Czech Republic placed an order for €110 million, which included the supply of 12,000 CZ BREN 2 assault rifles with a 14-inch barrel, 3832 BREN with an 11-inch barrel (all 5.56 mm caliber).

Czech Republic Defense industry of Ukraine Partnership