Defence Intelligence dismantled the downed Iranian Mohajer-6 drone

Defence Intelligence dismantled the downed Iranian Mohajer-6 drone

Aviation Occupants elimination trophy UAV Ukraine War with Russia

Ukrainian intelligence and specialized specialists have disassembled and studied the Russian Iranian-made Mohajer-6 drone shot down in September over the Black Sea.

TSN reported about this.

Representatives of the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine noted that the Iranian manufacturer tried to carefully hide the country of manufacture of this drone.

Downed enemy drones help the Ukrainian military to identify the weak points of this unmanned technology, and this gives more knowledge for a better fight against them. In particular, they say, undamaged samples that fell into the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine help in this matter.

During the research, Ukrainian military experts discover the origin of the parts used to manufacture these drones.

“When we get a whole sample that can be disassembled and see how one system works with another, it’s much better than when we only have fragments,” the representative of Defence Intelligence says.

The intelligence officers noted that the Mohajer-6, which was shot down in September, was literally turned to the last cog.

The stuffing of the drone is mostly foreign. The drone has an an engine by Austrian Rotax Aircraft Engines, Japanese, Chinese and American cameras and a laser range finder. These are mainly civilian components, they are not considered military goods, but Ukrainian intelligence expects that information about their origin will make it possible to complicate accessing these components for Iran.

This Mohajer-6 was manufactured in February of this year, so it is possible that the Ukrainian military captured the UAV during one of its first flights.

Захоплений українськими силами іранський безпілотник “Mohajer-6”. Жовтень 2022. Україна. Фото з соцмереж

Experts say that in Iran they tried to hide the traces of the producing country. However, the origin of the drone was given by the inscriptions in English with grammatical errors.

“We found an inscription in Farsi, made by hand, on only one device, which they simply did not notice, it is written on the back of the board,” the intelligence officers added.

The “Mohajer-6” multirole UAV is designed to conduct reconnaissance, surveillance and strikes. The UAV has a maximum takeoff weight of 600 kg, a payload of 100 kg and a flight range of 200 km. The duration of the flight is 12 hours, and the maximum flight altitude reaches 5,400 meters.

Aviation Occupants elimination trophy UAV Ukraine War with Russia