Denmark and Netherlands to lead Ukrainian F-16 pilots training

Denmark and Netherlands to lead Ukrainian F-16 pilots training

Aviation Denmark Europe Fighter jet Netherlands Training Ukraine

Denmark and the Netherlands will lead a European coalition to conduct training for Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets.

U.S. Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, announced this after the 12th meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group.

In the coming weeks, Danish and Dutch experts will work with the U.S. and other allies to develop a map of the exercises.

“I want to especially thank Denmark and the Netherlands, who decided to lead the European coalition to provide F-16 training for Ukrainian forces,” Austin said.

He added that Norway, Belgium, Portugal, and Poland have also offered to contribute to the training.

“We expect that more countries will soon join this initiative,” the US Secretary of Defense emphasized.

According to the Secretary of Defense, this training will further strengthen and improve the capabilities of the Ukrainian Air Force in the long term.

“This new joint effort sends a powerful message about our unity and our long-term commitment to Ukraine’s self-defense. And it again shows our shared determination to ensure that a sovereign and secure Ukraine can deter any future aggression and defend itself against future attacks,” the U.S. Secretary of Defense added.

At the same time, Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat said that dozens of Ukrainian pilots would undergo training on F-16 fighter jets, and predicted that the training could take up to four months.

He added that the F-16 would primarily be mastered by young pilots who are better able to master the latest technologies.

Винищувач F-16 Повітряних сил Нідерландів на виставці Royal International Air Tattoo. 2022 рік. Британія. Фото: Andy Reeve-Smith

“We stated that this training would last six months. The Americans concluded that up to four months. And who knows, maybe someone will master it sooner. People are different, everyone has different individual training. There are such good forecasts regarding education, I think they will come true,” said Ihnat.

As previously reported, the United States has conducted training tests in flying F-16 fighter jets for Ukrainian pilots.

Aviation Denmark Europe Fighter jet Netherlands Training Ukraine