Denmark readies ninth aid package for Ukraine’s military

Denmark readies ninth aid package for Ukraine’s military

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Denmark provides Ukraine with a €130 million new military aid package.

The Ministry of Defense of Denmark announced the allocation of the ninth military aid package with equipment “specifically requested by Ukraine”.

The aid package contains, among other things, 5.56 mm small arms cartridges, 12.7 mm heavy machine guns, anti-tank mines, missiles for air defense systems and propellant for 155 mm shells.

“The armed forces have started preparations for the free transfer so that the equipment can be transferred to Ukraine as quick as possible,” the ministry emphasizes.

Denmark also transfers to Ukraine:

  • 21 demining robots;
  • 15 generators for military needs;
  • 15 thousand sets of clothes to protect against rain;
  • nine mobile heavy equipment repair stations;
  • six hangar tents.
Ілюстраційна картинка про допомогу Україні від Міноборони Данії

Funds for this aid package were taken from the fund for civil, military and economic aid to Ukraine, the creation of which was announced earlier on Wednesday.

As the Danish Ministry of Defense notes, over the past few years, the total amount of military aid to Kyiv from Copenhagen has reached almost DKK 5 billion (€ 650 million).

As previously reported, acting Minister of Defense of Denmark Troels Lund Poulsen said that Ukraine to receive Leopard 1 tanks in the spring.

Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft is preparing Leopard 1 tanks for transfer to Ukraine.

Denmark’s government will also establish a fund with DKK 7 billion ($1.01 billion) to finance military, civilian, and business assistance to Ukraine this year.

A large part of the funds – over $767 million – will be directed to military aid.

Besides, more than $170 million will be allocated to civil aid and almost $57 million – towards the efforts of the Danish companies to rebuild Ukraine.

Denmark Europe Military assistance Ukraine World