Details of modernization Т-64 tank shown up at the Lviv Armor Plant

Details of modernization Т-64 tank shown up at the Lviv Armor Plant

Armed Forces of Ukraine Armor Lviv Armor Plant T-64 Tank Ukraine Upgrade

Specialists of Lviv Armor Plant told details of deep modernization of Т-64 tanks, reports Militarnyi.

The production engineers told the ArmyInform news agency about the peculiarities of the modernization of the main combat tanks of the Ukrainian army.

On December 16, Lviv Armor Plant handed over Т-64 tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Combat vehicles were upgraded. The head of the technological department of the enterprise Nazar Vovchko told about the update of tanks:

“In these Т-64 completely updated sights complexes. They now do not have an unmasking “infrared headlight,” which no one has ever used, because it shone as a spotlight, and its use meant the death of both the crew and the vehicle”, said Vovchko.

Newer sights allow you to see the enemy much further, both during the day and at night. Without interfering with snow or rain. Additional dynamic protection units were put in place of the infrared headlight, which made it possible to improve the survivability.

Modernization of Т-64

The head of the technological department will also tell that during the development of this deep modernization, the engineers of the enterprise listened to all customers from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. All the details that Ukrainian troopers want on the battlefield were discussed. As a result, the tank received many changes.

“The tank’s communications facilities were also completely replaced. Instead of morally and physically obsolete radio stations, the latest models of digital communications are installed, which can neither drown out nor overhear even modern Russian electronic warfare facilities”, Nazar Vovchko said.

Each tank will be able to determine its location on the battlefield. In addition, the command will know exactly where and what machine is at one time or another.

“Navigation system has also changed. It is satellite, and therefore will work autonomously and regardless of whether the Internet is on the battlefield”- said the head of the technology department.

For convenience, navigation displays are displayed to both the crew commander and the driver. Moreover, the antennas themselves have become shorter and more powerful and can now be folded, reducing the risks of their damage.

“In general, the entire complex of works on modernization allows to significantly improving both the handling and masking of the combat vehicle,” concluded Nazar Vovchko. – Increase the range of sighting and reduce the vulnerability of the combat vehicle itself”.

On all upgraded tanks now, install rear motion cameras, now the driver can independently drive on boxing. If necessary, you can use a special rearview mirror. Its stand in combat position is hidden due to the moving bracket. Modern LED lamps replace all tank lighting.

The company is also working on the possibility of increasing the level of protection of fuel tanks of the tank, conducting special research with new Ukrainian materials.

Armed Forces of Ukraine Armor Lviv Armor Plant T-64 Tank Ukraine Upgrade