Drone Coalition raised €549 million for Ukraine

Drone Coalition raised €549 million for Ukraine

Latvia Military assistance UAV Ukraine

The Drone Coalition raised €549 million for unmanned aerial vehicles in Ukraine.

Latvian Defense Minister Andris Sprūds said that 14 countries were officially included in the unmanned coalition.

“Latvia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, France, Canada, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany and Sweden, and the Czech Republic are in the process of joining,” said Andris Sprūds.

At the same time, other countries can join the drone coalition. So far, members of the unmanned coalition have raised €549 million to transfer drones to Ukraine.

“This is more than 500 million, more precisely, €549 million, already promised by member states, partners within the framework of the drone coalition,” the minister said.

Андріс Спрудс на латвійській авіабазі в Лієлварде, де в рамках місії повітряної поліції НАТО базуються німецькі винищувачі Eurofighter (фото — mod.gov.lv)

Latvia announced a plan and commitment to contribute €20 million this year.

Latvia has already purchased drones from the national manufacturer, and they have already been sent. Now the country is already collecting a second batch of drones, which will soon go to Ukraine.

“At the same time, we are already starting to implement joint international purchases. We do see huge interest. So far, this is a modest amount of funds, €350 thousand, but this is the first step,” said Andris Sprūds.

The initiative to create a coalition of drones was announced during a meeting of its Minister of Defense of Latvia with the Minister of Defense of Ukraine in December 2023.

On February 17, 2024, a coalition of 8 countries was formed, in March Canada and Australia joined it, increasing it to 10 participants, now 14 countries. In general, plans to attract 20 countries to the coalition.

Український військовий із дроном RQ-35 Heidrun від Sky Watch. Фото: АрміяІнформ

In April 2024, it became known about the creation of the Coalition Support Office, which also included a coalition of drones. A support office is established for the systemic management of military assistance provided by partner countries.

Recently, the UK and Latvia opened a tender for the purchase of strike drones under the Drone Capability Coalition for Ukraine program.

Latvia Military assistance UAV Ukraine