Drone operators rescued a wounded Ukrainian soldier on the front line

Drone operators rescued a wounded Ukrainian soldier on the front line

Aviation UAV War with Russia

Drone operators of the Jaeger Brigade found and rescued a wounded Ukrainian soldier.

The Hornets of Dovbush unit said that the soldier had been found near the damaged equipment.

“During the reconnaissance, we found an unknown man near the damaged equipment,” the unit said.

Initially, drone operators could not understand whether the soldier was Ukrainian or Russian and whether he was alive.

However, the wounded soldier himself realized that Ukrainian drones were above him and left an inscription with the call sign “Tiunia” and the number “300” (designation of the wounded – ed.).

The drone operators immediately flew back, prepared a bottle of hot tea, a lighter and a flashlight.

The bottle had an inscription on it: “My friend, Tiunia, raise your hand if you can crawl behind the drone.”

The bottle was dropped from a drone right under the feet of a wounded Ukrainian soldier.

Then, despite the high risk in the dark, the soldier was taken out from his position and rescued.

The fact that Ukrainian drones are equipped with thermal imagers also helped.

This is not the first time that Ukrainian drone operators have rescued their comrades.

In early January, a Ukrainian drone operator managed to rescue a Ukrainian Defense Forces soldier captured by Russians.

Aviation UAV War with Russia