Drones hit a Russian oil depot in the Volgograd region

Drones hit a Russian oil depot in the Volgograd region

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An oil depot caught fire in the Volgograd region of Russia as a result of a drone strike.

Photos and videos of the incident were published in the media and social networks.

The fire was also confirmed by Andrey Bocharov, governor of the Russian region.

A drone attack on an oil depot in the city of Kalach-on-Don, Volgograd region, took place early in the morning on Tuesday, July 9.

According to eyewitnesses among local residents, around 4 a.m., about ten explosions occurred in the city.

After that, a fire broke out in the area of the oil depot, with a black column of smoke and powerful fire visible from afar.

The video from the locals shows a drone flying over and hitting one of the tanks at the oil depot, which is already on fire. After that, the fire on it is still increasing.

Firefighters from the regional fire service and the Ministry of Emergency Situations are currently working at the site.

Governor Bocharov also reported a fire at a substation in the town of Frolovo, allegedly caused by the fall of UAV debris intercepted by Russian air defense and EW devices at night.

It is stated that the fire at the substation was allegedly quickly extinguished, but the power supply was not restored. The Russian official did not provide any information about the damage or injuries. At the same time, the Volgograd airport has restricted the arrival and departure of planes.

In the morning, the Russian Defense Ministry announced a large-scale drone attack on five Russian regions. “38 Ukrainian drones” were allegedly destroyed or intercepted with the help of electronic warfare last night: 3 – over the Belgorod region, 7 – over the Kursk region, 2 – over the Voronezh region, 21 – over the Rostov region, and 5 – over the Astrakhan region.

In May, drones attacked a Russian oil refinery in Volgograd, and the refinery’s operations were shut down.

Fires Occupants elimination Russia UAV War with Russia