Drones hit ammunition depot in the Voronezh region

Drones hit ammunition depot in the Voronezh region

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Drones hit an ammunition depot in the Podgorensky district of the Voronezh region of the Russian Federation.

The Russian media reported on this.

The ammunition depot was hit at night on July 7, 2024, and a fire broke out.

According to the initial statement of the officials, several drones heading to the depot were shot down, and their wreckage fell on its territory.

Nevertheless, local residents reported hearing a large number of explosions and confirmed that the drones had not been shot down. For example, some locals confirm that three drones successfully hit a depot.

At the same time, the Russian media reported that an emergency situation was being introduced in one of the settlements of the Podgorensky district.

The population evacuation is currently underway, and the highway passing through the village has been blocked.

“Last night, air defense forces on duty detected and destroyed several UAVs over the territory of the Voronezh region. As their wreckage fell, a fire broke out in one of the depots. Detonation of explosive objects began in the Podgorensky district,” Alexander Gusev, Governor of the Voronezh region, stated.

Firefighters have managed to localize the fire, but despite this, local residents continue to hear ammunition exploding in the depot.

There are no official reports of casualties.

Militarnyi previously reported that the Tambov gunpowder factory was once again attacked by attack drones.

A column of smoke rose at the site of impact, likely indicating a fire had started. Additionally, shots from a firearm can be heard in the video.

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