Drones hit four Russian IL-76 aircraft

Drones hit four Russian IL-76 aircraft

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During a large-scale attack on the Russian airfield in Pskov, Ukrainian drones hit four Il-76 military transport aircraft.

Militarnyi reported on this with reference to Russian media.

At around 11:30 p.m. on July 29, local residents reported a drone flight followed by explosions at the local airport. It is located 700 kilometers from the border of Chernihiv region.

The joint-use airport is used by the Russian military, and the 334th Military Transport Aviation Regiment, armed with Il-76 aircraft, is stationed on its territory.

According to the official Russian media, four aircraft were downed in the attack. Later a video was released showing two planes engulfed in flames, indicating complete destruction.

Around 1 a.m., other surviving planes began to take off from the airport in an emergency, redeploying to other airfields.

In addition to the airplanes, the drones presumably could also hit the airport’s infrastructure.

This can be seen in another published video, which shows two powerful fires that look like a burning oil depot or fuel storage facility.

The security of the military facility failed to adequately counter the drone attack. Judging by other footage, the only means of counteraction they had were personal small arms and anti-aircraft guns.

Satellite images taken before the drone attack show the number of Il-76 aircraft deployed in the military part of the airport.

Aircraft parking lots are located close to each other and are not protected in any way, with no shelters or basic hangars. The fire from the nearby oil depot could have easily spread to the aircraft standing under the open sky.

It is interesting to note that previously, these planes of the 334th Aviation Regiment were supposed to transfer military equipment and Russian paratroopers to the “captured” Gostomel airport for the further occupation of Kyiv.

Aviation Occupants elimination Russia Russian Armed Forces UAV War with Russia