Drones hit Lukoil’s oil depot in Krasnodar Krai

Drones hit Lukoil’s oil depot in Krasnodar Krai

Neighbors Russia UAV War with Russia

In Krasnodar Krai, on the night of July 6, drones attacked facilities in the Yeysk, Leningrad and Pavlovsk districts.

In Yeysk, the Russian operational headquarters reported that a cell tower had been damaged.

In Pavlovskaya village, a drone hit the territory of an oil depot, causing a fire in fuel tanks.

Astra Group analysts write that the oil depot belongs to Lukoil.

In Leningradskaya rural locality, a fuel tank also caught fire as a result of a drone attack.

Russian air defense failed to shoot down all the attack drones.

The released video shows how another drone hits a Russian oil depot that is already on fire, causing a powerful explosion.

The Russian Ministry of Defense did not report the attack of drones that attacked the facilities in the Krasnodar region.

The Russian ministry only announced that seven “fixed-wing drones” had allegedly been destroyed by air defense systems over the territory of Kursk region, and another drone had been shot down over Belgorod region.

Such attacks on oil refineries and storage facilities are aimed at reducing Russia’s economic potential.

“Our task is to deprive the enemy of resources and reduce the flow of oil money and fuel that Russia directs directly to the war, to the killing of our citizens,” a source told the BBC.

In addition to Russian oil refineries, military targets, including air bases of the Russian air force, are also targeted by drone attacks. In June, a group of drones attacked a Russian military airfield near the city of Mozdok in North Ossetia.

Neighbors Russia UAV War with Russia