Drones hit missile test range in the Astrakhan region

Drones hit missile test range in the Astrakhan region

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Drones hit the Russian missile test range buildings in the Astrakhan region.

The Russians released a video from the field capturing UAV strikes hitting the assembly and testing building of the military test range in the Akhtubinsk district.

At the same time, Vladimir Mikhed, Head of the Akhtubinsk district, spread false information that all the attack drones had been shot down and that there had been no damage.

According to him, more than 20 attack drones attacked the Akhtubinsk district.

“Thanks to the vigilance of the district’s population, who reported flying objects in time, as well as coordinated actions of intelligence units and weapons of the security forces, the attack of more than 20 UAVs was successfully repelled. There were no casualties or damage in the area,” the head of the Akhtubinsk district said.

The 4th Missile Test Range “Kapustin Yar” is designed to test missiles.

Місце удару по будівлі полігону на мапі

A large number of different short- and medium-range missiles, cruise missiles, air defense systems, and missiles are tested at the test range.

Analysts of the ASTRA Telegram group reported that on July 9, two military units and a missile test range were attacked in the Astrakhan region.

“Nine UAVs struck the territory of the military unit 15644 near Znamensk, where the 4th Missile Test Range “Kapustin Yar” is located. In April of this year, an intercontinental ballistic missile was test-fired there,” the analysts said.

Пуски ракет на 4-му Державному центральному міжвидовому полігоні Російської Федерації («Капустін Яр»). Кадр з відео міноборони РФ

Two more drones hit the territory of military unit 15650 in Akhtubinsk. There is no information about the damage to military equipment nor about the victims.

According to the published videos, the strikes were carried out using black-painted Bober drones.

Стратегічний ударний безпілотник «Бобер» в Астраханській області. Липень 2024. Росія. Фото: ASTRA

One of the drones landed on the field, probably due to a technical malfunction. To overcome air defense systems in the night sky, the solution is to paint the fuselages of attack drones black.

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