Dzhankoy airfield became logistics hub of Russian army

Dzhankoy airfield became logistics hub of Russian army

Air Force of Russia Aviation Crimea Ukraine War with Russia

A military airfield near the Dzhankoy town in the occupied Crimea became the main logistics hub of the Russian army and the place where Russian attack helicopters are based.

This was reported by analysts from Radio Liberty, who referred to Planet Labs satellite images.

Viktor Kevlyuk, expert of the Center for Defense Strategies, said that this situation began after the front line formed along the Dnipro channel.

In satellite images of Planet Labs for October 31, 2022, it can be seen more than half a hundred helicopters at the airfield in Dzhankoy such as Ka-52, Mi-28, Mi-35, Mi-8 and many equipped places for hosting anti-aircraft missile systems and air defense. As well as at least three ammunition depots.

According to satellite photos, cargo aircraft and Su-25 attack aircraft often land on the airfield, in addition to helicopters.

Фото з супутника аеродрому біля Джанкоя. Planet Labs

“Very effective, timely and generally useful for further our actions in the Kherson region would be the defeat of the Dzhankoy airfield. It will be a very good step in terms of complicating the logistics problem for the southern enemy group,” the analyst said.

Kevlyuk claims that the landing strip allows it to receive heavy transport aircraft. In addition, through Dzhankoy, as a logistics hub, a group of troops is supplied in the Kherson region and partially in the Zaporizhzhya region.

In addition, the An-26 transport aircraft was spotted at the airfield. Most likely, they carry military cargo.

“One of the main air groups of the Russian army is also located at the airfield in Hvardiiske. Stormtroopers Su-25 are concentrated here. It is these aircraft that Russia most often uses to launch airstrikes on Ukrainian territories,” the journalists said.

Фото з супутника аеродрому у Гвардійському. Planet Labs

In total, 10 active military airfields and two aircraft plants were counted in Crimea. Each has ammunition depots and tanks with fuel, which in case of explosion only increase the destructive effect.

Recall that in the occupied Dzhankoy in August there were explosions at ammunition depots.

British intelligence then said that Dzhankoy and Hvardiiske, where there were explosions, are the places of the most important airfields of the invaders in the Crimea.

Air Force of Russia Aviation Crimea Ukraine War with Russia