Estonia Hands Over 31 cars to Ukrainian National Police

Estonia Hands Over 31 cars to Ukrainian National Police

Estonia Humanitarian aid National Police Vehicle

Estonian law enforcement officers handed over 31 cars to the National Police of Ukraine.

The vehicles were handed over in Lviv during a meeting between the head of the National Police of Ukraine and a delegation from the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.

The 16 Skoda Octavia and 15 Volkswagen Tiguan vehicles from Estonia will be used in the Chernihiv and Zhytomyr border regions.

Egert Belitšev, Director General of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, personally drove one of the cars as they crossed the border into Ukraine.

Автомобілі, які естонські поліцейські передали українським поліцейським. Червень 2024. Україна. Фото: Національна поліція України

“All the Estonian police officers who joined this campaign transported the cars in their free time, but there were even more people than needed,” stated the Estonian law enforcement officials.

Assistance with cars

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Russians have destroyed 304 police vehicles.

Another 1228 vehicles were seized by the enemy in the temporarily occupied territories.

“For our daily work, the enemy is hunting police officers, bombing and destroying our units and vehicles. That is why the support of our partners is valuable and important to us at this difficult time,” the police said.

Estonian volunteers are also helping Ukraine with cars. In January2024, the 25th automobile convoy since the beginning of the full-scale invasion arrived in Ukraine from Estonia.

It all began with the initiative of Ragnar Sass, an Estonian entrepreneur and founder of Lift99 and Pipedrive, who united his friends and business partners from around the world around the idea of purchasing vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Передані Збройним Силам України від волонтерів позашляховики. Січень 2024. Україна. Фото: 69th Sniffing Brigade

Recall that Latvia transfers cars confiscated from drunk drivers to Ukraine. Back in 2023, the Latvian Saeima unanimously adopted amendments to the law that allow the transfer of vehicles confiscated by the state to the Ukrainian government free of charge.

As previously reported, Ukrainian rescuers have recently received 69 special vehicles for various purposes from partners in the UK, USA, Japan, and Estonia.

Estonia Humanitarian aid National Police Vehicle