Estonia is transferring mobile hygiene and laundry equipment for the Ukrainian military

Estonia is transferring mobile hygiene and laundry equipment for the Ukrainian military

Estonia Europe Military assistance Ukraine

A hygiene and laundry system for the Ukrainian military was transferred to Ukraine from Estonia.

It consists of three vehicles and can serve up to 400 military personnel in a week.

ERR reported this.

Before being shipped to Ukraine, the equipment was checked.

“This is a system of three vehicles that allows soldiers to first take a bath and then rest. At the same time, they can wash and dry their clothes. This is extremely important to maintain morale and health,” said Siim Nellis, production manager of the system.

The system can be transported, disguised from the enemy, and deployed separately.

“We can deploy these vehicles in different places. And there is an understanding that the part that serves as a laundry room will be positioned further, in the rear of the battalion, where clothes can be brought from the front and taken away again. The wish was for the sauna to be located in the rear of the company, specifically four to five kilometers away from the front line, behind the high-rise building, and our equipment will be there,” said Ilmar Raag, General Manager of the project.

Latvian volunteer Juris Jurašš, a representative of Ukraine, noted that the Ukrainian military is in need of such equipment.

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“It is currently very cold and muddy at the front. This is very important for everyone at the front. And it really is a miracle, a beautiful Christmas gift for everyone,” Juris Jurašš said.

The “Carpathian Sich” Battalion will be the recipient of the system.

On December 1, it was reported that the governments of Estonia, the Netherlands, and Norway agreed to transfer an additional Role II-type mobile hospital to Ukraine.

The tripartite cooperation will also include the purchase of containers and trailers, along with sanitary, warehouse, and residential modules.

Estonia Europe Military assistance Ukraine