EU Provides Ukraine with 12 Mine Detection Dogs to Aid in Demining

EU Provides Ukraine with 12 Mine Detection Dogs to Aid in Demining

EU Military assistance Mine clearance Ukraine

The European Union has delivered 12 mine detection dogs to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as reported by the Public Relations Service of the Support Forces Command.

These dogs have undergone training and passed qualification tests.

Their primary mission will now be to assist in demining and clearing Ukrainian lands of dangerous explosive devices, unexploded shells, and ammunition.

Despite the availability of technical tools for detecting explosives, mine detection dogs continue to be effective assistants in this critical sapper role.

Thanks to their keen sense of smell and advanced training methods, mine detection dogs can detect explosives even in small quantities.

In November 2023, Militarny reported on the transfer of mine detection dogs from the EU.

The dogs donated by the European Union are equipped with special shoes, goggles, vests, food, and specialized devices.

Assistance in mine clearance

Militarnyi previously reported that Lithuania transferred a batch of M113 APCs and related vehicles to Ukraine as part of its military assistance program.

The delivered tracked armored personnel carriers are intended to enhance the Ukrainian Defense Forces’ demining capabilities and represent Lithuania’s contribution to the Coalition for Demining led by Iceland.

At the end of May, it was reported that the European Union had handed over three remote-controlled mine clearance systems to the SES.

These systems were transferred as part of an international technical assistance project led by Lithuania.

It should be noted that MV-10 systems are already being used by Ukraine to demine the territories liberated from Russian occupation.

Militarnyi previously reported that the German government transferred the first batch of off-road vehicles to explosives technicians of the National Police of Ukraine.

The donated vehicles will be used to carry out relevant work in the frontline regions of Ukraine.

A total of 20 vehicles were delivered, including 18 Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs and two Toyota Land Cruiser 79 pickup trucks.

EU Military assistance Mine clearance Ukraine