European Peace Facility will be increased by €2 billion

European Peace Facility will be increased by €2 billion

EU Military assistance Ukraine War with Russia

The EU Council will increase contributions to the intergovernmental European Peace Facility by €2 billion. These funds should go to support Ukraine and other partners who need military assistance.

This is stated on the website of the Council of European Union.

“The Council today reached a political agreement with a view to ensuring the financial sustainability of the European Peace Facility (EPF). The Council decided in particular to increase the overall financial ceiling by €2 billion (in 2018 prices) in 2023, with the possibility of a further increase at a later stage. The total increase of the EPF overall financial ceiling until 2027 would be up to €5.5 billion (in 2018 prices),” the statement reads.

This decision will be formalized in early 2023. They note that it confirms the EU’s commitment to support Ukraine and other partner countries.

The European Peace Facility was established in March 2021 to finance all EU actions under the Common Foreign and Security Policy relating to military and defense matters.

The EPF is an off-budget instrument and has an overall financial ceiling of €5 billion in 2018 prices for the period 2021-2027, with annual ceilings that range from €420 million in 2021 to €1.132 billion in 2027. Contributions by Member States are determined based on a gross national income (GNI) distribution key.

Aid under the European Peace Facility came to Ukraine in six consecutive packages. Georgia, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mozambique, Mali, Somalia, Nigeria, Lebanon and Mauritania also received assistance under the EPF.

In particular, the European educational mission of EUMAM Ukraine is financed through the European Peace Facility.

Under this mission, they plan to train 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers in 2 years.

At the beginning of December, the mission reached its full operational readiness. As of the beginning of December, 1,100 military personnel began training in various training camps in EU countries. 20 countries participate in the EUMAM Ukraine mission.

EU Military assistance Ukraine War with Russia