Exercises of the River Flotilla of the Ukrainian Navy took place on the Dnipro River

Exercises of the River Flotilla of the Ukrainian Navy took place on the Dnipro River

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Recently, the Ukrainian Navy’s River Flotilla held a training exercise on the Dnipro River.

The Ukrainian Navy’s press service reported on this.

The exercises were conducted using boats provided under the international technical assistance program and in cooperation with other units of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

In particular, the exercise actively involved Finnish-donated Uisko-class boats, which had been spotted in service with the Ukrainian Navy earlier:

Фінські десантні катери на озброєнні ВМС ЗС України під час навчань на Дніпрі

They operated in conjunction with the previously received SHERP the SHUTTLE landing boats:

Десантний катер SHERP the SHUTTLE на навчання річкової флотилі ВМС ЗС України на Дніпрі

“The exercise’s participants practiced conducting combat operations by riverine forces, including as part of boat groups and boat groups, interaction with units operating on the river banks, delivery of personnel to designated areas of the coast, and mine surveillance activities,” the Ukrainian Navy reported on the maneuvers.

The video captures maneuvers on the reservoir, landings with landing and disembarkation of personnel from the coast, surveillance, and more.

Other surface forces also took part, including the Ukrainian-made Bucha small armored artillery boat:

Малий броньований артилерійський катер Буча

More, including the Sea King helicopter, can be seen in the official video:

Such training of the River Flotilla of the Ukrainian Navy takes place on a regular basis and at various water locations.

For example, previously, information on the training of Ukrainian marines using various surface forces was published.

Fleet Ukraine Ukrainian Navy