Finland handed over new classified weapons to Ukraine

Finland handed over new classified weapons to Ukraine

Finland Military assistance Ukraine War with Russia

Finland has transferred new classified developments of its defense industry to Ukraine.

Chief of Arms of the Finnish Defense Forces, Mikko Heiskanen, told STT in an interview that some of them were still under development.

He also said that the feedback on these weapons was positive.

“Feedback on the use of Finnish products has been positive,” said the Lieutenant General.

“The experience gained in Ukraine will be useful for the development of the latest Finnish equipment,” the Lieutenant General believes.

Мікко Хейсканен. Фінляндія. Фото: @KNLNetworks

Finland has released relatively few details about the content of military assistance provided to Ukraine.

The country is one of the world’s largest donors of military aid to Ukraine, and its financial assistance has been growing steadily since the start of the full-scale war.

Last year, the total amount was estimated at €1.4 billion, which is twice as much as in 2022.

Finland notes that supporting Ukraine is fully in line with Finland’s own interests.

“In our opinion, it is very beneficial when Finnish weapons reduce Russia’s military potential in Ukraine. And we don’t need to do anything, Ukrainians will do it with their own blood,” said Mikko Heiskanen.

As previously reported, Nammo Lapua’s ammunition plant in Finland will increase its output fivefold this year due to the war in Ukraine.

Finland, together with its allies, plans to urgently build a TNT production plant. This is due to a critical shortage of explosives in Western countries amid the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Finland Military assistance Ukraine War with Russia