For the first time, the Ukrainian SOF hit the newest Russian communication station

For the first time, the Ukrainian SOF hit the newest Russian communication station

Radiocommunication SOF Ukraine War with Russia

For the first time, Ukrainian Special Operations Forces operators have used attack drones to strike a Russian R-416GM communications station in the Kharkiv region.

The press service of the Special Operations Forces released the footage of the combat operation.

The operators of the 3rd Regiment of the Special Forces identified a Russian R-416GM “Granit-M” digital radio relay communications station while working in one of the operational areas.

“Our operators struck the enemy target with one of the latest developments that has entered service with the Special Forces. As a result of accurate work, the R-416GM station was destroyed,” the military reported.

The Regiment emphasizes that its destruction should “disrupt communication between the command post and the units of the terrorist army.”

Judging by the insignia, the destroyed invader system belongs to a Russian group that performs tasks in the Kharkiv sector from the territory of the Belgorod region.

However, given the rear specifics of its use and the depth of the SFO’s work, it is possible that the strikes could have been carried out on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The footage shows the interfaces of the Shark reconnaissance drone, which performed tasks of tracking and objective control of the target, as well as the red marker of the strike drone.

Judging by the same interface and fuselage shape, Ukrainian operators used one of the modifications of the RAM II attack drone to strike the communication station.

Український ударний дрон за мить до ураження російської станції зв'язку Р-416ГМ, червень 2024 року. Фото: ССО

R-416GM Granit-M

The R-416GM mobile radio relay station is designed to organize a field support network and increase the efficiency of radio relay units in the field.

The communication station is mounted on the chassis of a KamAZ-5350 truck. Compared to previous generations of radio relay communication equipment, the new digital station has received several significant improvements: the level of automation, reliability, and ease of operation have been increased.

Російська станція зв'язку Р-416ГМ «Гранит-М». Фото: Міноборони РФ.

The R-416GM system captured in the footage of Ukrainian SOF operators is the first to be destroyed during the Russian-Ukrainian war. They started entering service with the Russian military in 2018.

Radiocommunication SOF Ukraine War with Russia