Fortifications keep being built in the Kyiv region

Fortifications keep being built in the Kyiv region

Armed Forces of Ukraine Ground forces Kyiv Kyiv Region Ukraine War with Russia

The equipment of the defense districts and borders of Kyiv and the region continues on the territory of the Kyiv region.

Oleksandr Pavlyuk, Deputy Commander of the Ground Forces, reported this.

Long-term fortifications are being constructed.

They are arranged on the paths of the enemy’s probable advance. The military considers the experience of the beginning of the invasion of the Russian Federation in February.

It is noted that places for shelter and accommodation of personnel are made at platoon and company strongholds.

They also set up fortifications to conduct a defensive battle.

Укриття виготовлені з армованого бетону, Київська область, листопад 2022 Фото: Сухопутні війська

The total weight of one such structure is approximately 30 tons. It consists of several elements cast from special reinforced concrete.

It is emphasized that this design contributes to the effective infliction of fire damage on the enemy and protects personnel during combat missions.

As previously reported, the Ukrainian military is also building a reinforced concrete fence on the border with Belarus. In addition to the wall with barbed wire, the border is equipped with ditches and embankments.

The fence is installed on the Ukrainian territory 10-15 meters away from the interstate border. The Ukrainian side installed observation posts along the reinforced concrete fence.

Observation towers where Ukrainian military personnel is stationed to monitor the territory are also located adjacent to the interstate border.

Engineers are also installing metal modules to equip the positions of Ukrainian troops on the front lines. Metal modular structures are deployed on the second line of defense.

Up to 6 servicemen can stay in one such modular block as they are specially equipped for greater comfort of the military. It is equipped with a potbelly stove for heating and beds for personnel.

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Armed Forces of Ukraine Ground forces Kyiv Kyiv Region Ukraine War with Russia