FPV drones of the 47th Brigade destroyed an assault group of the invaders

FPV drones of the 47th Brigade destroyed an assault group of the invaders

Occupants elimination UAV Ukraine War with Russia

FPV drone pilots of the ‘Strike Drones Company’ Battalion of the 47th Mechanized Brigade spotted and destroyed the invaders’ assault group.

The Battalion’s press service reported on this.

A group of Russian infantry was hiding in a dense forest along the road, but despite this, a reconnaissance drone detected them.

Rather strong winds did not prevent kamikaze drone pilots from striking the discovered invader cluster.

A Ukrainian drone recorded a wounded Russian infantryman committing suicide by placing a grenade under a bulletproof vest.

47th Brigade’s combat missions

Militarnyi recently reported that soldiers of the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade stopped a massive mechanized enemy assault with the use of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

Joint forces of the Strike Drones Company unmanned systems battalion’s operators, drone operators of the 2nd Mechanized Battalion ‘Ignis Vindicta’, and brigade gunners destroyed the equipment.

On May 2, it was reported that the 47th Mechanized Brigade fought off a mechanized assault on the invaders near Ocheretyne, during which Bradley shot a Russian armored personnel carrier carrying infantry at point-blank range.

Artillery and infantry fighting forces stopped the offensive, after which kamikaze drone operators destroyed damaged armored vehicles and finished off the remains of assault groups hiding in buildings and basements.

In particular, the reconnaissance drone caught the moment when a Russian T-72B3 tank equipped with anti-drone grids and an electronic warfare system was destroyed by an FPV drone.

On April 4, it was reported that engineers, gunners, and drone operators of the 47th Mechanized Brigade destroyed the enemy BMP-2 and finished off the enemy squad.

The video captures a mechanized column of Russian troops moving towards Ukrainian positions, after which one of the infantry fighting vehicles is blown up on a mine or struck by artillery.

Following that, the crew and landing personnel left the affected BMP-2, which was equipped with an anti-drone “grill” and splat armor and hid behind its side.

Next, an FPV drone worked on the damaged BMP, followed by an infantry drone attacking the infantry with a “drop”.

Occupants elimination UAV Ukraine War with Russia