France transfers new weapons and armored vehicles to Ukraine

France transfers new weapons and armored vehicles to Ukraine

France Military assistance Ukraine

France transferred new batches of weapons, ammunition, VAB armored personnel carriers, vehicles, and boats to Ukraine.

The French Ministry of Armed Forces has updated the list of defense assistance provided to Ukraine.

On March 4 this year, France published for the first time a quantitative list of military equipment supplied to Ukraine. This list has now been updated to May 1, 2024.

France has delivered defense aid to Ukraine worth a total of €3.035 billion, and €2.1 billion was transferred to the European Peace Fund, making military assistance over €5.135 billion.

The updated list includes 34 VAB armored personnel carriers (284 units in total).

The French VAB wheeled armored personnel carrier was developed by Renault and Saviem. The APC has been in service with Ukraine since 2022.

The number of delivered Zodiacs FUTURA boats increased by 19 (49 boats in total).

For the first time, France has handed over 5 Camions TRM 10000 trucks designed to transport military cargo.

The list also includes 63 Mk81 bombs and a classified number of the latest French AASM bomb kits.

The Ukrainian Air Force equips MiG-29 fighter jets with these bombs, which have been adapted for French weapons.

AASM-250 Hammer

The AASM is a modernization kit for existing free-fall unguided bombs like the US JDAM, which Ukrainian tactical aviation already uses.

The list also includes new batches of various anti-tank weapons and ammunition.

France Military assistance Ukraine