French SEFA sends demining systems to Ukraine

French SEFA sends demining systems to Ukraine

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The French company SEFA is ready to supply 8 SDZ (Zone Demining System) demining systems to Ukraine.

This was discussed during the meeting of the First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yulia Sviridenko with representatives of enterprises – members of the French Land Defense and Security Industry Association (GICAT) in Paris.

SEFA and one of the Ukrainian manufacturers are negotiating on the joint production of spare parts for SDZ systems.

As noted during the meeting, the French company is interested in localization of the whole production in Ukraine.

During the meeting, the parties also discussed new areas of cooperation: French manufacturers produce modern underwater robotic demining systems that demonstrate high efficiency.

Машина розмінування SDZ (Zone Demining System). Фото: СEFA

French companies are ready to provide such systems to Ukraine.

“Today, we have a solid basis for cooperation developing between French and Ukrainian manufacturers of mine clearance equipment and machinery. The Government of Ukraine will do its utmost to ensure that this cooperation is strengthened, and in particular that the production of modern French demining equipment is localized in Ukraine,” said Yuliia Svyrydenko.

The SDZs systems are specifically designed to clear minefields in intense combat conditions to quickly create safe lanes.

For safety purposes, SDZ is equipped with cameras and GPS systems and is fully controlled remotely, visually or from armored vehicles or other vehicles.

Resistant to anti-tank mines, the SDZ can perform all mine clearance missions with a variety of additional tools.

In September, it was reported that the State Special Transport Service signed a contract with the French company CEFA for the supply of robotic demining systems.

The latest equipment of the State Special Transport Service will be received thanks to the financing of the French Support Fund of Ukraine.

Europe France Mine clearance UAV Ukraine