Funds Raised for Ukraine’s Yatagan UAV School to Train Drone Operators

Funds Raised for Ukraine’s Yatagan UAV School to Train Drone Operators

Aviation Come Back Alive CF Militarnyi UAV Volunteers

Ukrainian philanthropists have raised funds for the Yatagan school to train drone operators.

The Come Back Alive Foundation stated it had managed to raise UAH 33 million as part of a joint initiative with PrivatBank.

In addition, UAH 171,000 were raised for the school by readers of the Militarnyi , who joined the campaign in the spring.

At this school, thousands of Ukrainian defenders will learn to operate various types of drones: from FPV and copter-type UAVs to larger ones like the Leleka-100.

The funds will be used to purchase:

  • Flight training UAVs;
  • Tracks for practicing combat scenarios;
  • Transport for transportation of cadets and equipment;
  • Modular classrooms with training and material base;
  • UAV repair workshops;
  • Simulator classes, etc.

“The defense forces need many professional external pilots. And together with you, we are investing in the training of qualified specialists,” the Come Back Alive Foundation noted.

The training program and professional instructors have already been approved, leaving only the task of raising the necessary funds to fully staff the school.

The partnership and cooperation agreement between the Foundation and the Armed Forces of Ukraine is just the first step in developing UAV training capabilities.

The UAV instructor program has been operating at the Foundation since 2021. Since then, the Foundation’s specialists have trained thousands of aerial reconnaissance personnel, including through specially designed online courses.

However, it is important not only to train individuals but also to help create the necessary capabilities and infrastructure for training pilots within the army itself.

Українські військові - оператори дронів. 2024 рік. Україна. Фото: фонд «Повернись живим»

“We invest in the knowledge and skills of the Ukrainian military. Because it is not the drones that repel the enemy, but the people who operate these drones,” the Foundation added.

In July, the Come Back Alive Foundation also equipped a Center for the Ukrainian Navy’s river flotilla.

Aviation Come Back Alive CF Militarnyi UAV Volunteers