Gauleiter Andrey Shtepa was liquidated in Kherson region

Gauleiter Andrey Shtepa was liquidated in Kherson region

Kherson Region Occupants elimination Ukraine War with Russia

In temporarily occupied Kakhovka, “Gauleiter” Andrei Shtepa, known as “Schnir,” was eliminated.

Serhii Khlan, deputy of the Kherson regional council announced this.

Invaders confirm Shtepa’s death on social media.

According to them, he burned as a result of a car explosion.

“Another unidentified person was also in the car, probably the driver or the security guard. Both died on the spot,” the invader’s statement reads.

Знищена машина колаборанта Андрія Штепи. 22.12.2022. Херсонщина, Україна. Фото з соцмереж

According to preliminary information, the collaborator was blown up in a car in the area of the “Girl in an Overcoat” monument.

“Shnir” is the local nickname of the gauleiter, whom the Russians appointed to lead the settlements of Lyubymivka and Vasylivka in the Kakhovka district.

Khlan noted that the collaborator willingly gave up Ukrainian activists to the invaders.

After Shtepa was appointed a “Gauleiter” of the Lyubymivka community, the terror began in the village of Vasylivka.

He was reported to have long-standing conflicts with many locals.

Андрій Штепа. Фото з відкритих джерел

Therefore, he directed the invaders to the places of residence of different people and said that he would take revenge on everyone. The invaders appointed Shtepa a gauleiter of the Lyubymivka community on July 18. He was born in Russia but has long lived in Ukraine.

Over the last 15 years, Andriy Shtepa lived in Vasylivka. He worked there in the local utility company and unsuccessfully ran for the village head position.

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Kherson Region Occupants elimination Ukraine War with Russia