Germany handed over MARS II ammunition to Ukraine

Germany handed over MARS II ammunition to Ukraine

Ammunition Artillery Germany Military assistance MLRS Ukraine War with Russia

The German government has updated the list of assistance that has been provided to Ukraine. This time, the updated list includes ammunition for the MARS II MLRS.

The full list of aid provided during the week was published on the German government’s website.

The transferred equipment also includes automotive and engineering equipment. Germany continues handing over protected SUVs that previously belonged to the Federal Border Guard. This time, 39 units were sent to Ukraine, and one of the previous aid packages included 22 of them. In total, 500 such vehicles are planned to be transferred to Ukraine.

The already transferred assistance also includes eight M1070 Oshkosh tank transporter tractors. In total, Ukraine has already received 13 units of this equipment from Germany.

Тягач Oshkosh M1070. Фото з відкритих джерел

Full list of assistance:

  • ammunition for MARS II multiple rocket launchers;
  • 8 M1070 Oshkosh tank transporter tractors;
  • 39 protected SUVs (Grenzschutzfahrzeuge);
  • M2 heavy machine gun spare parts;
  • 30 MG3s for armored recovery vehicles;
  • 116 mobile heating systems;
  • 28 anti-drone sensors and jammers;
  • 20 frequency range extensions for anti-drone devices;
  • 4 lift trucks.

The German government’s website also states that 10 mobile and protected mine-clearing systems are being prepared to be transferred to Ukraine.

It is emphasized that detailed information about equipment and means of transmission is not disclosed for security reasons.

Currently, Ukraine has 5 units of MARS II MLRS.

Mars II MLRS (Mittlere Artillerie Raketen System) is a German multiple rocket launcher adopted by the Bundeswehr in 1990.

This launcher is basically a licensed copy of the American M270 MLRS with minor modifications.

The artillery unit of Mars II consists of two disposable units, each of which houses six transport and launch containers with rocket-propelled ammunition. Depending on the ammunition, targets can be hit at a maximum range of 45,000 – 70,000 m.

Mars II is designed to destroy clusters of enemy manpower and equipment, artillery batteries, air defenses, command posts, and communications, as well as to set up minefields through remote mining.

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Ammunition Artillery Germany Military assistance MLRS Ukraine War with Russia