Germany is blocking the supply of weapons to Ukraine by NATO

Germany is blocking the supply of weapons to Ukraine by NATO

Europe Germany Ukraine Ukraine-NATO Weapons purchase World

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov says Germany is blocking weapons supplies to Ukraine through NATO, despite US warnings of possible escalation of aggression and possible new Russian invasion, reports Militarnyi.

According to the minister, last month Berlin vetoed the purchase of anti-drone guns and anti-sniper systems by Ukraine via the NATO procurement agency, the Financial Times reports.

But Germany later softened its position on anti-drone assets, declaring them non-lethal.

Антидронова рушниця виробництва литовської компанії NT Service

With regard to the German blockade of lethal equipment acquisitions, Oleksiy Reznikov said that Ukraine would negotiate weapons purchases through bilateral agreements with its allies, including the United States, Britain, Lithuania and France.

According to the publication, the position of the new German government led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz is still unknown. The German Ministry of Economy, which is responsible for approving weapons exports or vetoing them, declined to comment.

The Minister also stated that the strategy “not to provoke Russia” does not work and will not work:

“Do not provoke Russia – this strategy does not work and will not work,” – said Oleksiy Reznikov.

Earlier, Militarnyi reported that in December Ukraine is going to receive Lithuanian-made anti-drone guns to combat unmanned aerial vehicles.

Волонтерська антидронова рушниця з Литви для України. Фото: Олексій Сіхарулідзе

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine announced that anti-drone guns will be purchased via the NSPA (NATO Support and Supply Agency).

“We paid the money, passed all the checks to buy some things we need from NATO via the NSPA,” said Oleksiy Reznikov.

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